Thoughts on Potential Future Eyes of Texas

Granted, these are the ramblings of an idiot, but curious if others have any thoughts or insights.

First, I'd like to thank PB and all of the authors for an amazing job on BON and the annual.

Second, someone, anyone, please tell me that there will be another edition.

Now, hopefully not completely out of line, as a long-time reader and incredibly infrequent poster (2 or 3 times max), I'd like to offer up a couple of thoughts for the next issue of Eyes of Texas, under the assumption that there will be another addition.

1. Would it be possible to expand coverage to the unplayed portion of the Big XII? For example, I wake up this past Saturday morning, still happy go lucky with visions of McCoy-to-Shipley greatness dancing in my head, grab the magazine and go peruse to see what, if any, information was there on Nebraska. Unfortunately, none. Would a 1/2 page on each of the three remaining members of the Big XII be possible? How about a summary table just listing key facts, strenghts, weaknesses, etc, as is done at the end of each played opponent?

2. Would it be possible to incorporate the spot-shadow write-ups into the magazine? I have no clue how it would work, but I'm a fan. I found the play-diagramming rather informative in last year's addition, but the spot-shadow on the visuals as shown on this site have been utterly fantastic in showing the good, the bad and the very guilty. After the o-lines struggles this year, I could see a primer on what improvements could be made on blocking techniques and schemes.

3. What about electronic distribution? Seems to me that, an electronic version could be incredibly cool. You'd be able to enable 'push'-ing of new data into relevant sections. Was "OU - Scary!" Now "OU w/o Bradford, et al - Still Scary!" I understand that this isn't your full-time job and something like this would basically require cloning of yourself or a removal of law school obligations, but it'd have been fascinating to up-to-date sections prior to games. Yes, BON basically serves this purpose, I realize, but just thinking/typing out loud.

4. As the next couple of weeks are going to really help cement Mack's stature (yes, I'm a homer, but I see UT slightly over Bama, but please do not ask for my UT-NU prediction), would there be any manner possible to get some face-time with him to discuss his role in re-establishing UT to the football heirarchy and his future direction?

Anyone else have any thoughts?

Again, to PB and all the authors, I definitely appreciate all that you've done for the annual and this site. Similar to the university, I feel it delivers on the "We're Texas" motif - steadfast, honest and second to none.

-unknown idiot

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