Baseless Speculation

Ever since the third play from scrimmage on Thanksgiving night, one particular question has nagged at me:

"Self, what the hell is wrong with the Longhorns?"

Once I had calmed down and sobered up to the point of not being physically violent in the presence of Aggies, I thought about it and figured that Colt The Savior was back and that Wild Bill Muschamp had just overworked and overtaught the team on a five day turnaround. Greg Davis had demonstrated good to great understanding of how to beat the Ag "Hit Cart McCoy Until He Is Injured" defensive scheme and had for once actually bailed out his fellow coordinator. No problem, we'll crush Nebraska 34-0 and I'll get that nagging question out of my head.

Padre and I brought the whole dang family to the Big XII Title. I got a sweet deal on presale, so even Momma and Fiance were there this time. You know what happened: I don't necessarily have any greater confidence in the defense, since a paper sack and a stiff breeze would be enough to stifle Nebraska's offense. As bad as we were, they were that much worse. It was the most uninspired effort I ever recall seeing, though I do understand the Pellini Bros. wanting to protect their defense from the terrors of Zac Lee's passing acumen. The big revelation was that Greg (and possibly Mack) managed to actually hit if not an all time low, then certainly a tie or near approach to said low, and that even if Colt The Savior was in fact playing in that game, he couldn't overcome the playcalling and schematic shitstorm.

So here we are: the offense is in the can, the defense is still questionable, and the only special teams player in which I have any confidence is Lawrence. Way to go, HL. His life should look like an Axe commercial about getting "girl approved hair" until January.

What has changed? We already knew that GD was an idiot, the OL coaching was inept at best, and we still won the first 11. Those excuses are not eligible here.

Is Colt not drinking enough Pedialyte? Have Hall, Tanner, and Huey taken an oath against violence? Should Greg Smith even count against our eleven allowable players when on the field?

And now, here is the baseless speculation: I think that something has seriously jacked up team chemistry. Indeed, something insidious is afoot here. I believe this because there was no team hug in the pregame workouts. You know what I'm talking about- the S&C coach whips up everyone, they all jump around and get pumped. The S&C guy was still doing his thing and tried to bring everyone together several times, but they all looked like they were listening to a calculus lecture. The difference was palpable. Maybe Colt went all Buck Burnette on someone, who knows.

Obviously, like most aspects of life, it's never just one thing. But one fact is certain regarding our Longhorns: something isn't right, and there's now less than a month to fix it. And I don't know that reinstating the bubble screen is the answer.

What do YOU think?

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