Dear PB/HB/GOBR, Et al...,

First of all, the off season sucks. (Redundant phrase??) (sip)I would like to illicit your opinions on the question markswe are facing this year.  A little disclaimer: I am watching the Tech game and have chosen to take a sip for every mistake we make, and to finish my drank whenever it costs us points. (sip) Its 12-0 Tech right now, down 4 beers. (Beers is plural for beer and the -s- is silent). Let's start with the Defense.

Defensive Line

We are having to replace (sip) (sip) (sip) Miller, Orakpo, Aaron Lewis and Melton. [(sip) ERRRRR 0-19. No.5 is down]. Fortunately, we keep Kindle. I thought Miller was as much or more important than was Orakpo. On the Depth Chart for DT we have Alexander, Houston and Randle with Howell and Johnson coming in.  I can't remember any of these having much impact last year.  I also don't remember them making gastly mistakes.  (sip) I think we will atleast be consistent here next year with Houston and ?Howell?. The DEs are more of a question mark. Kindle is an animal, but we need him to also seperate people from the ball as a linebacker.  Jones and Acho are next on the Depth chart with Okafor, Mims, Kriegel and Jones coming in.  Acho can seperate himself here and one of either Okafor or Mims to also see sigificant playing time, but this position is a question mark.....(sip-Halftime).


Not a disaster like 2007, but was lacking in 2008 and put a lot of pressure on a young secondary.  (13-22) I am looking forward to having a LB corps which is better in space.  (sip) I think Robinson and Acho will help us improve here. Nkwopara is the LB we have coming in.  Roberson is a beast and can help with run game, but not sure he is as mobile as the others. I think the LB remains the biggest question mark on defense.


Butter.  I don't see any weakness here. Excited to see the battle for the safety position between Scott, Gideon and Thomas.  We are in more than capable hands with the Browns and A. Williams.  We may have multiple Thorpe winners again. I am excited, can't wait for the hitting to begin. Stoked (sip) (chug) (13-28, new six pack).......Oh yeah some good ones coming in as well....Davis, Vacarro and Barnett.  I see davis and Vacarro getting some PT.


More turnovers. Can anyone imagine what would have happened if our DBs could catch, or if more than just Thomas and Kindle were ripping the ball away??   (SIP)

I know you would like to wait for the spring game, but alas..



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