Been to Laramie, WY? Click Here

This is shameless and probably inappropriate for a fan post, but I'm desperate...

Writing an article about UT’s 2009 road trips for PB’s Preview Guide and I know next to nothing about Laramie, Wyoming. I’ve reached out to the local sports editor and a couple of bloggers, but they’ve been about as useful as one purple sock.

So if you’ve ever spent any time in Laramie or know somebody who has, I would greatly appreciate any and all suggestions you have on the following topics:

1) Overview: Just your initial thoughts about the this going to be the biggest thing that ever came to Laramie, or will the locals hardly take notice and be glad when we’ve come and gone.
2) Lodging: Hotel/motel recommendations, especially if things are going to book up quick. What alternatives do we have if we can’t stay in Laramie? Where’s the next best thing?
3) Transportation: I’m assuming a rental car is a must for a trip like this, but what about flying in for the game. Where do you recommend flying into and what kind of drive times are fans looking at from places like Denver, Salt Lack City, or Fort Collins. Any other travel transportation tips would be much appreciated.
4) Restaurants/Bars: Just your recs for best places to eat and drink or put a better way, “you can’t leave Laramie without going to (blank)? Also, where are football fans likely to congregate the night before the game.

5) Tailgating: Just set the scene for a lot of people do it, where’s the best place to do it, are there any laws or things fans should know about so they don’t get in trouble.

6) Tickets: What’s the scalping situation...if a fan can’t get a ticket through the school, should they come anyway and scalp. Also, what’s the stadium like. Are there places in the stadium with really bad site lines or sections/rows fans should avoid buying tickets in.

7) Gameday Traditions: Just anything fun about Gameday in Laramie. Does the team or Wyoming fans doing anything visitors should watch out for.
8) Local Attractions: Are there any local attractions or anything on campus worth checking out...also, any tips on side trips? I thought about putting something in here about Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, and the Grand Tetons, but those places look really far away. Still, fans may make a whole a week out of this road trip.

And of course anything else I might have missed.

Feel free to comment below or email me at

Thanks in advance,

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