The shady BCS teams and my thoughts

When I watch ESPN every day, I can't help to think about all the shady things that go on in college football. I would hate for college football to end up like MLB and have negative things be the headliner for the sport. The way things are going, the BCS will be the steroids for college football. When MLB starts, they don't talk about baseball they talk about steroids. I really think college football is headed in the same direction. When college football is mentioned, the thing that stands out to just about everyone is the horrible BCS system. The solution seems so easy for everyone....a playoff. I wonder why some teams want a new system and why some teams (for whatever horrible excuse) want to keep the current system. I thought of a list of teams that have benifited the most from the BCS system in recent years, and wonder WHY they benefited.

1) Notre Dame- This team is independent. WTF does this mean? I think its the easiest route ND has to take to reach a BCS game or a MNC game. I'm pretty sure ND would never have won a conference championship in the past 10 years if they were in a conference. I don't think ND is independent in any other sport except football. What's up with that (shady)?

2) Oklahoma- How did Oklahoma get the nod to the MNC game a few years back over an undefeated Auburn team? How did ou get the nod over a team that beat them by 10 points on a neutral field? How does ou get off the hook of violating NCAA rules all the time?

3) Ohio State- Ohio State has benefited the most from the BCS system in my opinion. Ohio State plays in a BCS game or MNC game every year because the BCS system still considers the Big10 an elite conference. Ohio State is a good team, but they definitly didn't deserve to play in 2 staright BCS games (got blown out in both). I'm still shocked that they got a BCS game this year against Texas. I know the game was great, but it was basically Ohio State's last chance for respect.

I definitly think a lot of politics come into play in the BCS system. I think it seems weird how some teams benefit more than others in the BCS system. I'm almost positve that a lot of shady actions are taking place behind closed doors.


Other stuff..

RECRUITING: I think it would be better for UT if they get Jackson Jeffcoat than L. Seastruck or D. White. He's just a DL, but he's going to be great and UT is pretty deep at RB and WR ( I would love to get all three).

The new field looks great. I like the good ole' grass field, but it really does look great. I think it will help recruiting as well. The coaches can show the stadium off with the playing surface on the field year around instead if just a plain grass field (the recruits can picture themleves scoring touchdowns easier with the football field fresh on their mind).

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