NCAA Football 2010

Just bought the game a couple of hours ago at a midnight release here in Houston and I must say, the game is looking good this year. There are a few new features added, such as band formations, WR slips, new stadium animations, injury scenarios, etc. Thank goodness this came out... been waiting forever. Helps to cure some of the offseason monotony. Just gonna give a quick take on what ive noticed about the game for XBOX360. I know some of this has already been covered on this site, but feel free to chime in with any other comments/questions.


Brief review below:



- OU at #2 and Texas at #3... hmmmmmm

- Tebow and Bradford the highest rated players in the game at 99, with McCoy at 98.

- Harris, yes Sherrod Harris higher rated in the "Accuracy" department than Colt. Dont think the programmers know much about football as they do C++



- More Madden style gameplay this year than any year I have seen. I have the '06, '07, '08, and '09 versions of NCAA Football and this years is the only one where the camera actually follows the player around the field and swivels left or right based on play direction.

- Speed of plays is slightly faster than last years version, although it seems that the option is less potent in this years vs. last.

- During time outs, instead of beefing up certain areas of the game, you actually tailor your "game plan" in certain areas to "agressive, balanced, or conservative" types of play.

- Over 1000 new tackle animations make for awesome break-tackles and different plays almost every down.

- AI actually reacts to your plays so that you cant just run the same ol' play over and over again and hope for it to work. They will adjust and intercept or sack you. Kinda cool. Also, you can run certain plays (IE 2 or 3 HB draws in a row to set up a play action pass) to set up other plays. Works like a charm, believe me.



- Outstanding work on stadium and field details. EX: At DKR, not only can you see the updated north endzone, but if you look around during an "instant replay" you can see the State Capitol Building, Mike Meyers Track and FIeld house, and even Jester!

- Crowd looks much better with picture flashes and different cheering animations based on plays you run.  

- Overall, player graphics are a step up from last year, but not really THAT impressive. But then again, when has EA really upgraded the graphics drastically on NCAA Football from one year to the next?

- This actually happened! - Ran into the ref with one of my players during a play.... 2 plays later, got a penalty called on me. Looked at the ref, guess what?!!!! He had one black eye! No joke....



- Its a sports game, so for one, it already has a certain level of playability. I could prolly play this game 4 or 5 times a week without it getting old till Christmas or so.

- The high school playoff - to - college mode (ie Campus Legend in NCAA '09) has been changed to the "Road to Glory" mode, which is now covered by Erin Andrews... meh

- Dynasty and Dynasty online are still there. Mini-games and Exhibition games still there.

- New mode is the "Season Showdown" where, based on how you play online, you can earn points for your school to make it the best in the country. There are such things as sportmanship, trivia, # of online wins, # of users, length of gameplay, how the actual team did during the season (hopefully 13-0), etc. Right now, I think UT is #9, whereas Ohio State is #1, only cause over 500 people in the state have already started the "Season Showdown" mode on their XBOX360.

-Last but not least, TeamBuilder is a new feature this year as well. Build a team online at and upload it to ur game console. Choose from over 10,000 animations, uniforms, towns, etc. There have already been 100,000 different teams or something like that created online already. Meh to this too... you can play this team online I think against other teams.... again, not really that interested. There will prolly be like 10000000 little kids who make all their high school players a 99 rating, so its almost like playing against a team of all - stars every time online.


Overall, not a bad game for $65. Worth hours and days of enjoyment and a great way to segue into the coming football season. Hope this random insight to the game helps yall some. Oh, and just in case you would like to play someone worthy of a challenge, hit me up on XBOX Live. My screenname is, you guessed it:  Greenspointexas


Hook Em Horns!

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