Bevo's Daily Roundup - July 31, 2009


KXAN report.

Colt McCoy will never be too good for manual labor.

What was learned from the loss to Texas Tech?

In moving forward, the Longhorns have tried to learn from the Texas Tech loss.

"No half-stepping," Texas linebacker Roddrick Muckelroy said. "You can’t have a bad quarter or a bad half or start like you haven’t been starting."

Of course, it all starts with McCoy.

"Obviously," Brown said, "the only thing Colt wants is to be one second better."

More comparisons to the 2005 team.

"This year's team is in a position in preseason more like the 2005 team," Brown said Wednesday. "It's more of a dangerous position, but, at the same time, you feel like that because the expectations are much higher. The 2005 team lived up to those expectations."

What has Mack Brown learned during his time at Texas:

I think I understand more about Texas right now than I did when I got here. I didn't understand. I remember us winning nine games and they gave us a parade, and thinking this place isn't so bad. Then I remember winning 11 for three years, and them being mad, and I got confused. So over time, what I've done is be able to embrace the place and be proud of it and be a part of it, and understand that I was disappointed last year that we didn't win 13 games.

Brown has let go of those OU demons.

The Oklahoma problem has been solved.

Mack has won three of four from Stoops, and while no one can legitimately argue that Texas has the superior coach (the Sooners have won three straight Big 12 titles; Stoops is up 6-1 on Brown in pennants), no one can legitimately argue that Stoops still has his foot on Brown.

Three victories over OU in the last four years have ended all talk of Stoops' dominance.

The Houston Chronicle reviews Jordan Shipley's long, injury-prone career.

North vs. South. The North Division isn't all that thrilled about the location of the championship game.

Predictably, South coaches, including Texas' Mack Brown, loved the notion of a climate-controlled permanent site in Texas. Just as predictably, their North counterparts blanched. Kansas City has become the default North location.

"I like for people to have to come out of the nice, warm weather and play in the snow and the cold weather," Kansas State's Bill Snyder said. "That's kind of a built-in advantage."

This will not make Bill Snyder happy.

A little more on North vs. South. The sentiment during Media Days was that the North needs to step up.

Many in the Big 12 Conference know that to be mentioned in the same breath as the powerhouse Southeastern Conference, the Big 12's North Division must start holding up its part of the bargain.

The prevailing sentiment this week at the Big 12 football media days: It is time for the North to compete.

The South's dominance has been the talk for a few years, but coming off last season when the South was 15-3 against the North, it's hard to shake the national perception of "And you're saying that's a powerhouse conference?"

It doesn't help that 21 of the 26 players on this year's preseason all-Big 12 list come from the South Division.

Sooner Sports has the 2009 Big 12 football rule changes.

And they say we have a problem? NewsOK is still rehashing the OU-UT game.

Colin Cowherd on Colt McCoy.

Mack Brown stopped by ESPN Sports Center.

They should come up with a better title. The Mack Brown Women's Clinic is on August 27. Be sure to sign up your significant other as soon as possible.

The best things in life are free. Google Books has Football and How To Watch It, By Percy Duncan Haughton.

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