Torn Over Stillwater

Not that I ever hesitate to hijack PB's stories...mostly out of petty jealous spite for his perfectly coifed helmet hair...but today I felt like I needed my own space to explore my quandary over the best road trip of 2009: TX @ OSU, Boone's Farm Stadium, Stillwater, OK. 

As those of you who've visited this forum more times than a spider-bot know, I fancy myself as Mr. Road Game! (Like anybody could know that).

I attend nearly all of UT's away games. I'm on record and police blotters as raising as much hell as I can while attending them. I research and write about them in PB's preview guide in exchange for beef jerky. Once I even swore on Blake Gideon's bible that I actually enjoy going to road games more than I do home games (as sacrilegious as that may sound).

That being said, I am completely TORN about the OSU game this year.

I've been to Stillwater the last five times UT played there ('99-'07). I was there when Cedric had his coming out party (football, not America's Most Wanted). I saw VY make the 80-yard dash in '05 minutes after I threw up an entire days worth of cheese fries and Jack & Diet Cokes at half-time because UT was down by 19 and their perfect season was in doubt. And I was there for the improbably 5th quarter comeback two years ago. People, I've missed weddings, baby showers, and so many Big Saturdays with the wife at Bed, Bath and Beyond that my mother-in-law now calls me Frank The Tank.

But this year Halloween falls on a weekend/ me and 54b, Jr. are Trick-Or-Treatin'.

Seriously, how do you tell your 5-year old that you'd rather go to Stillwater dressed as Sergio Kindle's front bumper with a license plate that reads: "TXT-DAT-ASS," than take him around the neighborhood for a plethora of candy corn and mini-snickers?

When you're five years old, Halloween is bigger than Christmas, Chuck E Cheese, and making fart noises with your armpit put together. It's THE night of the year when you're five. 4 year olds are too young to get it and 6 year olds are too cool be seen with their dads (especially dads like me). When it comes to quality father-son panhandling time, THIS IS IT.

The wife has already made her opinion on the matter abundantly clear by threatening to tear up my OSU tickets if she finds them in the mail. So as you can tell, I'm torn, literally over this.

You gotta help me out (read: give me a legitimate excuse that will allow me to go and not be a first ballot Hall of Shamer.)

Kids are resilient right? He'll bounce back from this won't he? I mean 20 years from now, I'm not going to be talking to him on the phone on the other side of plate glass because he's doing a stretch at Huntsville for aggravated robbery of a Lamb's Candy Shop am I?

What if  I just tell him Halloween was cancelled this year because of cut backs? What if we moved it to Friday night because ESPN bought the rights to Halloween? What if I just brought him to the game and asked everyone on our row to bring candy to put his bag as he passed by?

Looking bad Lewis...Feeling Bad Billy Ray.  

Yours Shamelessly, 


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