Festivus in August, Airing of Grievances

Bumped from the Fan Posts. -PB-

So, with the season fast approaching and seeing all of the posts going up about what's going to be awesome this year, who is going to step up, the similarities between this year and the '05 year, and the Colt for Heisman talk, I feel it's time to practice a little August Fesitvus.  As I see it, these are the things that will inevitably happen throughout the year that will cause me to facepalm. I wanted to float it out there so when the time comes, we can have all of our kinks worked out and be prepared to move on to the Feats of Strength and pinning someone in the MNC game.

Frank Costanza: The tradition of Festivus begins with the Airing of Grievances. I got a lot of problems with you people! And now, you're gonna hear about it. You, Kruger. My son tells me your company STINKS!

George Costanza: Oh, God.

Grievance #1: Colt McCoy and Jordan Shipley are roommates and fishing buddies

Come on announcer guy, we know the story.  We. All. Know. The. Story. Just stop it already.


Grievance #2 : On own 20, 1st &10 - zone read, gain of 8.  2nd & 2 - WR screen, loss of 6.  3rd & 8 - draw play, gain of 5.  4th &3 - punt, Longhorn fans facepalm.

Perhaps I'm calming as I age, maybe getting a little wiser.  I can see the Greg Davis argument from both sides now and tend to lean that he is an effective coordinator that spaces out a couple of offensive series per game. The series I presented will happen, we will all collectively have a "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" moment, Will Muschamp will send out Sergio to give us a Boom MFer and the world will be right again.


Grievance #3:  I'm sorry but you'll see this over and over until Sept. 20, 2009

Texas Tech Game-Winning TD Michael Crabtree (via nohomoguys)

I can fully erase this from my mind with complete, total, undeniable thrashing on September 19 of the Lubbock Tortilla throwers.


Grievance #4: Red River Rivalry

It is and forever will be the Red River Shootout. If you want to make it "PC", take your media butts back to your none offensive world and leave us alone. We've done it fine for 108 years thank you very much. BTW, that's 58-40-5 and OU sucks.


Grievance #5: Open Threads

The ass-hatery of open threads and the trigger finger of insults comes with the territory and it's pretty douchish.  Louisiana-Monroe is probably going to get a first down on us at some point in 31 Days and a couple of hours, but it doesn't mean Will Muschamp is over-rated or that we should switch to a 3-4.  Seat belt yourselves to the bandwagon and enjoy the ride, it's going to be a fun one.


I can think of a few more but I'd like for everyone to get a chance to Air their Grievances before the Feats of Strength begin in 31 days.  Happy Festivus in August. Texas Fight.



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