The games that shouldn't matter, but do because of the BCS, Roundup

We'll all be frothing at the mouth from a mixture of football frenzy, revenge, and jagermeister come 7:00 PM this Saturday when the Texas Tech Red Raiders and their moustached captain come to town. In a world where people are judged on their merits, we could concentrate solely on this game and continue to pick apart our longhorn's performance in position by position and play by play.

However, in this imperfect world of college football that we live in, it's not enough to analyze your own team and its games, it matters who you play and who they play and who played them the week before.

This travesty that makes college football a sport AND an election, turned Lonhorn fans into Colorado fans for a nail biting kick at the end of last season.

So what's in store for us this week? Where should we be proxy fans?

Well let's start with a response to espn's accusation that the Big 12 isn't living up to the hype. Anything that's good for the Big 12 in general, is good for Texas. Nebraska will have a chance to clean up some of the Big 12's good name with this one:

9/19 @ No. 13 Virginia Tech 2:30 PM

For the uninitiated, Alabama posted a big win over VT ( 34-24 ) and now is currently ranked #4 in the country. If Nebraska can post a larger than 10 point win over VT, they might have some top 5 credibility as well, and possibly might build themselves up to give Texas a prominent opponent in the Big 12 championship game. Any win from in conference over an out of conference foe, has to be good for us. Right?

Well what about this game:

Colorado hosts Wyoming 2:30 PM

Here's a scenario where the black buffalo of the Big 12 family hosts our spritely OOC high altitude Cowboys. Sometimes we wish that both teams lose a game, and I think this scenario is the opposite. If both these teams can pull a win out of this one, while somehow beating a team from Oklahoma by 10, we'd be better off.

Oklahoma hosts Tulsa 2:30 PM

Oklahoma hosts Tulsa ( 2-0 ) while nursing a constipated O-Line with the greatest freshman QB Stoops has ever coached at the helm. Terrible for the Big 12 if Tulsa wins, but also hilarious at the same time. So this one's a wash for me, but OU still has a chance to pull itself together and become a quality opponent that we can whip in the RRS. After the pasting that Oklahoma gave the Idaho State, they should be ready to go against a Tulsa team that might be every bit as difficult as the Houston team that OSU faced.

Baylor hosts Connecticut 4:00 PM

Go Bears! With Colorado strongly bringing up the rear, the Bears are in a position to... provide strength to the big 12? With their win over Wake in week one, the Bears are doing their part, and let's hope they continue to do so.

If you're itching for football and can't wait until Saturday, then check out this one this Thursday:

Georgia Tech at Miami 6:30 p.m. ESPN (HD)

Miami pulled a close one out at the end vs. Florida State, and is next up at bat against a reeling OU. A solid performance in this game will give the Sooners a big target to take down next week with their rebuilt team.

And if you're up early enough, check out this one:

California at Minnesota 11:00 a.m. ESPN (HD)

Cal's got the best chance at knocking out #3 USC who's claim to fame is a last minute victory over a comically inept Ohio State. An undefeated USC might jump UT, but I doubt an undefeated Cal does. Take a look at them trying to best Minnesota (2-0) and you can size them up for yourself.

There's a lot of other games , so feel free to follow up with what you're going to be watching on Saturday while we're waiting for the Horns to kick off.

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