UTEP Depth Chart Released

No huge changes other than Tre' Newton as starting tailback (without an OR). Also making news: Deon Beasley is not on the 2-deep, and Blake Gideon has an OR with Ben Wells and Nolan Brewster and, apparently, Kenny Vaccaro. Brewster was playing the final series against Tech (and had a great hit).  Anyone have any information on Gideon's status?  Charlie Tanner is still #1 at Left Guard, while Michael Huey has an OR with David Snow on the right side.  See the whole depth chart after the jump and feel free to discuss personnel in the comments.

Position No. Player | No. Player | No. Player
Flanker (Z) 11 James Kirkendoll | 6 DeSean Hales      
Sub B 7 John Chiles OR 9 Malcolm Williams | 84 Marquise Goodwin
Tight End (Y) 83 Greg Smith | 13 Ahmard Howard
OR 89 Barrett Matthews
Flex TE: Dan Buckner, Barrett Matthews
Right Tackle 64 Kyle Hix | 72 Britt Mitchell      
Right Guard 63 Michael Huey OR 78 David Snow | 54 Mark Buchanan
Center 71 Chris Hall | 78 David Snow | 75 Steve Moore
Left Guard 52 Charlie Tanner | 56 Tray Allen

Left Tackle 74 Adam Ulatoski | 77 Luke Poehlmann      
Split End (X) 8 Jordan Shipley | 9 Malcolm Williams OR 4 Dan Buckner
Tailback 23 Tre' Newton |
Vondrell McGee
Cody Johnson
28 Fozzy Whittaker
Specialty Back: D.J. Monroe
Fullback 24 Antwann Cobb | 31 Cody Johnson      
Short Yardage/Goal-Line: Lamarr Houston
Quarterback 12 Colt McCoy | 3 Garrett Gilbert | 17 Sherrod Harris
Place-Kicker 15 Hunter Lawrence | 39 Ryan Bailey | 19 Justin Tucker

Position No. Player | No. Player | No. Player
Buck 2 Sergio Kindle | 80 Alex Okafor      
Tackle (Nose) 91 Kheeston Randall OR 92 Ben Alexander      
Tackle 33 Lamarr Houston | 96 Calvin Howell OR 93 Tyrell Higgins
End 81 Sam Acho | 32 Eddie Jones | 95 Tevin Mims
Strongside LB 18 Emmanuel Acho | 1 Keenan Robinson      
Middle LB 38 Roddrick Muckelroy | 42 Dustin Earnest      
Weakside LB 1 Keenan Robinson | 18 Emmannuel Acho      
Right CB 3 Curtis Brown | 8 Chykie Brown      
Right Safety 21 Blake Gideon OR
Nolan Brewster
Ben Wells
OR 16 Kenny Vaccaro
Left Safety 12 Earl Thomas | 27 Nolan Brewster      
Left CB 4 Aaron Williams | 3 Curtis Brown      
Nickel 4 Aaron Williams | 12 Earl Thomas      
Punter 47 John Gold OR 19 Justin Tucker | 17 Trevor Gerland

Punt Returns 8 Jordan Shipley | 12 Earl Thomas | 3 Curtis Brown
Kickoff Returns 9
Malcolm Williams
D.J. Monroe
Marquise Goodwin
Jordan Shipley
| 4 Aaron Williams
Kickoffs 19 Justin Tucker | 15 Hunter Lawrence      
Holder 8 Jordan Shipley | 17 Sherrod Harris      
Deep Snapper (PAT/FG) 83 Greg Smith | 72 Britt Mitchell      
Deep Snapper (Punts) 58 William Harvey | 48 Alex Zumberge      

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