Cheers and Jeers

After sitting it out for all 4 hours at DKR, then rushing home to watch the Houston - TTU game and highlights from around the country, I would love to offer up some praises and some disdain about what I saw on Saturday:


1 Cheer - The Texas D. Worried about the D line so far this year? No way, our D was absolutely beastly vs. UTEP and has been playing amazing through the 1st 4 games this year. Yes, I know its UTEP btw, but still.


1 Jeer - Colt McCoys noodle arm. OK, its true. Has anyone else noticed the decline in McCoys arm strength so far this year? The interception vs UTEP was on a ball that looked like it was thrown by my girlfriend. All year though, Colt has struggled greatly with zipping the ball to receivers and also throwing the ball downfield. How many passes does he have over 20 yards this year? I mean, acutal passes that went over 20 yards and not including 5 yard passes that had like 75 yac. Worried about this.....


1 Cheer - Welcome back Vondrell. Dude was playing on a somewhat sprained ankle (as he said he still had and was hurting him the whole game in postgame interviews) and still got over 100 yards. He looked much better than Newton and I still think he is the top back for this system. However, he does lack some things that our other RB's have. To be honest, we dont have a go to back. Newton isnt the answer. Fozzy isnt. Neither is Vondrell. However, what we do have is 5 -6 RB's that do some things better than others... specialists if you will. But I still think that Vondrell has to be the best choice for an every down back. Newton and his action figure frame just isnt gonna cut it all season long. We will prolly see McGee and Newton tag team the carries the rest of the season.


1 Jeer - O Line play so far this season. Man O Man. I hope these guys can get their act together soon. You all know what im talking about. Anyone who watched the game yesterday might think different (due to stat of over 300 yards on the ground), but this was vs. UTEP. However, most of those 300 yards came after the 1st quarter.


1 Cheer - U of H Coogs taking down TTU. This is exactly why I love our non con schedule. Screw having some marquee game vs USC or Ohio State. Ill take winning over any D-1A school anyday. I feel bad for Tech and embarrassed for the Big 12. We have gotten pantsed this year so far in non con games. Even if we did have a win over a bloated USC or OSU, we still lose one game in our conference and its bye bye natl championship. We all know that some team like Cinci or USF will sneak their way into #2 if we go down anyway, and prolly end up playing in the worst Natl Championship game of all time vs. a UF or Bama or something. Bottom line: Keenum for Heisman. Go Coogs, best game I have seen in the state of Texas thus far this year. Thank goodness we didnt schedule them this year.


1 Jeer - I will no longer root for the Big 12. It is clear that the north is absolutely terrible. In the south, Baylor and A&M are average college football teams, OSU and TTU are somehow the 3rd and 4th best teams in the conference and they already have 3 loses between them, 2 to U of H. Honestly OU and us carry this conference. I honestly dont like the teams or fan bases of OSU, OU, A&M, TTU and sometimes Baylor. Also, I dont like KSU, KU (God how are they ranked?) and Mizzou. For example, there is no way you would catch me rooting against UTEP vs. Kansas. I just dont see how anyone else can root for any team in the Big 12 except Texas. The rest of the conference is our enemy. Screw conference strength. Just win and we in!


1 Cheer - Fans that stayed past halftime at the UTEP game.... all 25,000 of them. Hook em! Ill take a scorching hot middle of the day college football game than some 11 am or 7 pm start anyday. This is Texas, we practice in 100 degrees, we play in 100 degrees. If other teams cant take the heat, too bad.


1 Jeer - Trevor Vittatoe, jeesh. Poor guy. Im actually a fan. Been following him for the past 2 or so years. But jeez did our defense make him look bad. So far this year, dude is playing terrible. I was actually starting to root for him towards the end of the game cause he and his team looked like they just didnt wanna be there. 4 ints    :0


1 Cheer - Top 25 teams going down this weekend. So happy to be a Longhorn. Glad to see someone finally exposed Miami, Cal and Ole Miss. Honestly, there are prolly 6 - 7 very good teams in college football and the rest are all about  equal. Seriously. For example, FSU = Fresno State = Mizzou = Kansas = USF = Iowa = TTU etc.


1 Jeer - Texas fans at the games this year. Especially the student section. Why is it that in 2 of the home games this year and in almost every game in years past that 75% of our fans in the stadium leave at halftime? Do they only pay for a half game ticket? Do they have a good kegger or party to go to that happens to start at 4:30 pm? Whats the deal? I know its a blowout, but support your team. Is it that all the girls leave cause its hot and then the guys follow them? BTW, our student section needs to be made smaller. Half the students with tickets dont even show up to half the games or until halftime, then they stay 30 min and leave midway through the 2nd quarter. If you are a UT football fan and come to the game, then what is better than Texas football? Thousands of general public season ticket requests had to be declined this year, so come to the game students, and stay for a reasonable amount of time. Also, if you are under the shade on the west side, you have no excuse to leave your cushy seat empty during a sweaty day like yesterday.

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