So, If You Lose Early...or Late...What is Going On Here?

This sickens me.  No, not because Oklahoma is back in the mix...when we beat them, they will be relegated to BCS fodder.  What sickens me is the assumption by voters that due to an "early" loss, it is OK, because the team has potential.  The losing early cut off must be the RRS as our beloved Horns lost a couple of weeks later...on a last second a hostile a top five team...who beat OU there the season prior.  Then OU smashes TT by 40ish (TT fans - you have no business being in the conversation when you give up 60+ pts to ANYBODY) and we all remember 45-35...well, we all remember it except for the computers, Harris voters, and some Coaches who had the Horns as low as 5 (that was criminal IMHO).  Before you say, "here we go was last season...GET OVER IT ALREADY"...I assure you Auburn is not over their snub after running the table unbeaten in 2004 in the pre-ordained SEC.  Oh, and USC being ranked #1 in BOTH polls in 2003 gets snubbed over OU who LOSES to Kansas St in the Big XII title game.  An automatic rule should have been enacted that if you do not win your conference championship game, you are ineligible for the MNC. What a completely broken system.

But as we just saw, losing late is OK at times as well as voters want to "repay" for their mistakes in the past.  Nothing else explains the Auburn debacle other than the voters not wanting to snub USC again.  Big game Bob got drove that year as the voters got it wrong once again as USC beat Bob's Boys 55-19.  What a drubbing.  I assure you Auburn would have provided a better game...just as the Horns would have against Florida last MNC. 

Here is my problem with the polls system in general:

1.  OU gets beat by BYU and they are 7th while BYU is 21st with identical records.  BYU lost to a respectable FSU team (South Florida is for real).

2.  Houston goes into Stillwater and beats perhaps an over-ranked OSU club (not easy to win there...ask VY) and they are ranked behind OSU based on what exactly?  Must be conference bias as Houston is unbeaten with wins over OSU and TT.  The coaches have lost their mind here.  Revoke is not strong enough...banned for life is more like it.

3.  Iowa goes into Happy Valley and knocks off the Nittany Lions and is somehow currently ranked behind Penn State.  Can anyone that is breathing explain this? 

4.  South Carolina beats Ole Miss...SC unranked and Ole Miss, huh? 

What would have been interesting is if Washington would have won this past weekend...I guarantee you they would have been put behind the Trojans after beating them the week prior. Take that to the bank.

Speaking of the Men of Troy, notice how the voters kept USC ahead of Ohio State?  Why would they be cognitive here and not in the aforementioned examples?  BTW, the Trojans looked meek against Washington State...that should have been a blowout and it was not.  TOSU lost to USC...USC lost to, once again unranked Washington.  Also, the voters have kept OSU ahead of GA.  So, kudos here...but the rest of the poll after the top 3 is deplorable based on results of match ups THAT HAVE ALREADY BEEN PLAYED OUT.

I realize it is early in the season...but it is hard to overcome your predetermined "slotting" due to the human element of the coaches poll which needs a massive overhaul in criteria.  It is obvious that most of the coaches that vote truly do not pay attention.  Conference bias needs to end and it appears it may have with Boise State.  They can play with the big boys.  But, if OU beats Miami, could they jump the Broncos?  I think it is very possible and that would be a travesty. 

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