A Teen's View: Colt's Birthday Game!

First off, I'd like to say I am very happy about the outcome of the Season Opener, along with all the other loses from other teams(Oklahoma particularly). I hade the previlage to be at the game with one of my best friends, and our "Happy Birthday Colt" Sign, which is in my profile picture. Here are my thoughts about the game.

Colt and Garrett

There was definitely no surprise as to how Colt played the game. Although, I wish Colt wouldn't tense up as much as he does. Everyone tensed up after the interception thrown by Colt, but know he did the same thing last season. Garrett on the other hand, I cannot tell you how excited I am for next year with Garrett as our Quarterback. He looked real nice. He was 4 for 5 just last night.


D.J. Monroe was a break-out player! After that game, I want to see him as the starter. Vondrell McGee was looking pretty good at the begging, until all those fumbles. Cody Johnson was put to good use last year in those 1st and Goal situations. I think the coaches learned that last year and are now going to use him just for that this season.


John Chiles is someone that I wanted to see do amazing. Brandon Collins not being legible made Chiles have a bigger chance of proving himself to win the starting job. Jordan Shipley is defiantly a threat, and when we start playing bigger teams, they’re going to double team him and he may not have as many catches as he has had in the past.  Dan Buckner is also a break-out player.

 Defensive Line and Linebackers

Sam Acho was surprising. I knew he had it in him and I'm glad he brought his A-Game last night. Sergio Kindle was looking good too. Dustin Earnest had to be put in a couple of times for Jared Norton and Dustin impressed me a lot. Although he only made a couple of tackles, I just finally got to see how he looks when he plays.

Defensive Backs

Earl Thomas is the obvious leader of the defensive backs. There comes to a point that he needs to start making those interceptions though. Blake Gideon left his man wide open during some plays. I was so happy when Nolan Brewster made that interception, it brought up the spirit of the whole team. Chykie Brown wasn’t as much of an impact player as I wanted him to be.

Special Teams 

Justin Tucker is doing well as usual with his kick-offs and John Gold doing well with his punts. Ryan Bailey and Hunter Lawrence sharing time is great too. I thought Jordan Shipley would be a punt returner but to no avail.

Overall, we had a great game; we just need to work on not giving up so many points to our opponents.  Hook Em! And Happy Birthday Colt! :)

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