My Take on Leach Situation

I just wanted to take a moment and express my views on the firing of Mike Leach at Texas Tech.

How can people continue supporting this guy after all that has transpired?

It's ludicrous the way Adam James and his family have been treated by Tech fans and coaches.  I'm not trying to dispute the accusations made that the WR was lazy, selfish, and had a great sense of entitlement.  Also, I'm not here to argue that his father hasn't been as described by those close to the situation.  By all accounts, the accusations seem to hold some truth to them.

For argument's sake, let's assume the accusations are accurate about Adam and Craig James.  Also, we'll just assume that the University was actively looking for a way to avoid the $800K payout, as Leach suspects.

First off, if you believe your employer is out to get you fired, yet you wish to not be fired, then why would you give said employer the ammunition it needs to ouster you from your job?  Last time I checked, jobs are generally accompanied by someone you refer to as "boss."  I know Leach likes to play pirate, but these aren't international waters the guy was operating in.

Leach's mistake was making the issue with James personal.  Apparently, he got frustrated with Adam's attitude and decided to make an example of the kid by bullying him around.  This is not acceptable behavior, regardless of whether or not said actions caused any harm to the individual.  Will the next player be as lucky next time?  Who knows, the coach wasn't thinking rationally, and could be capable of anything if he's willing to bully around a 20-year-old student-athlete.

My favorite part of this whole ordeal has to be the defense being put forth by Leach and his supporters, which is, "Adam was lazy and selfish, and deserved whatever treatment he got,"  instead of taking responsibilities for his part in this grudge match.  This guy has a law degree.  He has to know that his argument is less than weak.  

Anybody who has ever been around organized sports in any capacity is aware of two things that Leach apparently didn't know how to deal with.  First, parents meddle, some more than others.  Occasionally, there's the completely overbearing father or mother who believe their child deserves more, whether it be playing time or otherwise.  Sometimes, they attempt to conditionally entice the coach or school with perks if their child is provided more opportunities than more deserving individuals might enjoy.  Secondly, athletes tend to feel entitled, especially ones recruited to D1 schools--especially in Texas, where football is king on Fridays. 

Now, I think Leach is a good coach, perhaps not as head coach, but he's still a good offensive coach.  I can't argue against that.  Also, after he's come to his senses and accepts his faults, I believe he'll deserve a second chance to be head coach elsewhere, but he must learn to deal with situations like the one involving Adam James better first.

However, why more people aren't condemning the man for his actions is beyond me.  I understand if you appreciate his coaching skills or are amused by his witty repose, but his behavior in this incident have been unacceptable, and downright deplorable in taking his and former players and coaches grievances with the James family to such personal levels.  Those of you in the Leach camp should be ashamed of Leach and yourselves.  No one is to blame but one person--Mike Leach.

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