Bed of Coals

Reposted with sincere apologies to Beast in Bama....

OK, first things first.  I have read many a conciliatory posting here at BON the last few days.  Most are forlorn and optimistic while others are somewhat reflective.  Flying home from SOCAL yesterday, I discovered just how deep my passion is for the Longhorns.

You see, United's movie flavor of the week is the latest ‘chick' flick (sorry dime), Love Happens (title fixed).  Since I have forsaken all movies the last 3 months, I decided "why not" and donned the headset and watched the movie.

Man, if any of you are looking for an "outside the box" way of dealing with this latest chapter in the long storied Longhorn football program, then this show is for you. 

The main character a widower who turns his untimely loss into a burgeoning self-help grief processing money machine leveraging the tragic death of his wife in a terrible auto accident.  A pretty good show all the way around.  Especially if you are a Jennifer Aniston fan.   Her character is a somewhat neurotic knock-out who typically falls for the long-hair music boy, not that there is anything wrong with that except these guys exist for the next groupie adventure, if you get my drift.  This leaves her always out on the doorstep.  She's a florist who contracts for the hotel the self-help guru is holed up in...they meet by happenstance...and, well, you get the drift.

Anyway, the whole premise of his system is detailed in a best-selling book he wrote about the various stages of  processing grief. And that is exactly what we have here in dealing with the birth and ending of this great football campaign that started 4 years ago.

Our hopes started just a few short months after arguably the greatest season ever assembled by a football team.  The 2006 version of the Longhorns returned some great talent, but an unproven offense.  The first test was a C+..maybe B-.. against Ohio State.  Not sure we even had a chance in that game.


Ricardo B. Brazziell AMERICAN-STATESMAN 9/9/06 - "Hey Matthew McConaughey! We barely knew you."

We suffered a couple more defeats that season, and the next.  And don't get me started on last year.  I lost 20 pounds in anticipation of strolling down South Beach.  Waking at 4:30 every morning to sweat and starving myself.  I ‘dreamed' of drunken, muggy Florida nights.  So the consolation prize was a pretty cool tailgate in Glendale, AZ along with some schmoozing at the Ohio State Parent's gameday party.  I tell you what, I'm not a big fan of anything Ohio but those good-hearted people went a long way to changing my attitude.


Tyler Moeller's Grandmother.  And yes, all those pins on her cap are from bowl games she and Grandpa Moeller attended.  If I am not mistaken, the total was around 25.

Fast forward one year and the table is set for another BCS Championship in Pasadena.  And I am there with the throngs of CFB's finest traditions, my family, and frends.  And blessings are bountiful.  Blessed to witness a sliver of Longhorn football history and thankful to witness first hand other big games the last few years.

I'm sure most of you get your fill season-in/season-out seeing the Horns in person, but it is a bit difficult living 1,400 miles away.  All I have is TV and the internet to keep me in tune and connected.  So thanks to PB and the BON editorial crew for your selfless efforts.  Not sure how I would cope if not for BON.

So you are asking, "WTH does your history review have to do with this darn movie?"  Well, I'll tell you.  There is a scene in the show where the grief guru walks across a bed of burning coals to show his workshop students that they can face their fear of moving on.  Just let go.  Follow the example of someone who tracks before you.  The students pump themselves up and precede to walk across the bed of coals.  Awkwardly at first, but they walk. 

Only one student will not move on.  You see, his young son also died in a freak accident and his love is so deep and his pain so terrible that he has embraced grief and ruined his life.  Lost his business, his wife, and his only hope of turning his life around (according to his sister) was to attend this A-Okay Grief Seminar.  So, grief guru, in an attempt to lure him to walk across the bed of hot coals, stands there and blisters his feet in a futile attempt to convince this man to walk across.

And that is my message to Burnt Orange Nation.  I will walk a bed of burning coals for the Longhorns.  Hell, I will stand there, feet on fire, in an attempt to encourage my brothers and sisters to move forward.  That is the depth of my passion and love for those who wear the Burnt Orange as well as those whose lives revolve around the ebb and flow of all things Longhorn. 

So I say to all with that same passion reading this post, walk the coals.  Let's put this latest Longhorn championship era in our rearview mirror and look to the future.  There are so many great memories and seasons to come.

Long live Burnt Orange Nation and long live the Longhorns.  Damn, I am so grateful to know you.


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