2010 Junior Days

Bumped. Excellent stuff from BMG. More on the confirmed attendees for the February Junior Days as they approach, possibly including an attempt at a Big Board for 2011. Of course, the Longhorns still have two major targets on the board for 2010 in Jackson Jeffcoat and Jordan Hicks, so the current recruiting class could be far from complete. --GoBR--

Although the ink won't be dry on the 2010 recruiting class for another few weeks, it's never too early to look forward to junior days to get a peak at the next class.  Last year, Texas got commitments from its top targets either at or in the weeks following junior day.  In addition, Jordan Hicks made it down for one of them and Texas has been one of his favorites ever since.  Here's a quick look at those players that are planning to attend one of the two junior camps in February.



  • Christian Westerman - OT - (Chandler, AZ) - Most likely will be a 5 star recruit as soon as the ratings are published.  Westerman lists pretty much the entire SEC and Pac-10 among his choices including Texas, OU, and Nebraska.  Texas and Ohio State are the only two schools that have not offered up to this point which is no shocker.  The early chatter is that Texas is possibly his top choice given our lack of proven talent at tackle. 
  • Jermauria Rasco - DE - (Shreveport, LA) - Another sure-fire 5 star guy, you have to feel pretty good about Rasco's interest in Texas so far having attended both the spring game and the TX-OU game this past season.  Rasco has also visited in-state power LSU, and you figure he will be heavily recruited by a couple other major SEC power when its all said and done.
  • Herschel Sims - RB - (Abilene) - Sims led Abilene to the playoffs where they took down Katy in the 5A Div 2 state championship (although it was Ronnell Sims that had the breakout game that day).  Sims carried his team on the ground as well as on special teams and several guys who get paid to do this think he's one of the best HS RB to come out Texas since Adrian Peterson and Cedric Benson.  Sims will be a 4 star guy at the very least, but could potentially earn a 5th star.  Sims is #6 on the LSR 100.
  • Malcolm Brown - RB - (Cibola) - If Sims is the top RB in the state, Brown is 1A.  But I wouldn't be shocked if Brown was rated higher when its all said and done.  Brown has averaged over 10 ypc each of the past two years and he's got protypical height, size and speed.  Brown will have his pick of schools and could easily find his way out of the state.  Brown is #2 on the LSR 100.
  • Aaron Green - RB (San Antonio) - Rounding out the RBs is Aaron Green who is yet another standout RB in the very deep RB class of 2011.  Green is a bit smaller than Brown and Sims but he has explosive speed and will probably remind people of Trent Richardson.  Green has visited a number of schools with the orange/white spring game among them.  He already and holds a ton of offers including Bama & USC.  Expect him to be yet another possible 5 star RB.  Green is ranked #1 on the LSR 100.
  • Chet Moss - LB (Cedar Park) - Moss is a pretty big, physical LB that will probably grade out as a 3 or 4 star player.  He doesn't appear to be on many radar screens at the moment however listing Auburn, Baylor, Colorado, Rice, SMU, Texas, and Tech as his choices and holding only one offer (SMU).  Part of the reason may be his having come down with mono at the beginning of the year.  Moss is #26 on the LSR 100.
  • Steve Edmond - LB (Daingerfield) - Edmond has got great size (6'3" 225) at outside LB and is said to be one of the top LB in an albeit thin class at that position.  His recruitment is coming from the Big 12, TCU, and Houston at this point.  Edmond is #29 on the LSR 100.
  • Jaxson Shipley - WR (Brownwood) - Jordan's little brother is expected to be one of the top gets in the state.  He'll probably benefit from his brother's track record as far as his rating goes and I expect he'll get 3 to 4 stars when its all said and done.  Shipley has got great hands, great speed, and good jumping ability and several insiders believe he'll be better than his brother when its all said and done.  That's a pretty tough act to follow, but he'll probably have every opportunity as Mack and GD will almost certainly land him.  Shipley is #11 on the LSR 100.
  • Miles Onyegbule - WR (Arlington) - Onyegbule is regarded as the top WR in the state and for good reason.  At 6'4" 200 lbs, he's a beast of a WR in the same mold as Malcolm Williams.  Onyegbule took in the Texas-Kansas game to check out the UT program as well as his brother who starts on KU's defense.  He's got offers from the top Big 12 schools and lists Bama, Georgia and Notre Dame among his choices.  Onyegbule is #30 on the LSR 100.
  • Desmond Roland - WR (Lake Highlands) - Roland is a 6'2' WR who missed the Army All-American combine due to an injury.  He's not a burner and doesn't possess a ridiculous vertical leap which may signify a move to flex TE could be in his future if he chose Texas.  Roland holds offers from Arkansas, Purdue, Tech, and A&M at this point and he's #15 on the LSR 100.
  • Maurice McFarland - TE (El Paso) - McFarland has some great size for a TE at 6'5" 235.  You wonder what his mobility is though, but if he's got some athletic ability he could easily get worked into a jumbo package or see sometime as a DE.  Not much info on him and you figure his being in El Paso won't help him get his name out there too much.  McFarland is not ranked on the LSR 100.
  • Sedrick Flowers - OL (North Shore) - Flowers is another top OL from North Shore, a school that has produced several recent Texas recruits (Hopkins and Matthews).  Hopkins was the offensive player of the year in the Houston area, and from all indications Flowers is also a talented lineman.  Flowers holds offers from UH, LSU, and A&M at the moment.  Bama is said to have offered, but I can't confirm it.  Flowers is ranked #3 on the LSR 100.
  • Spencer Drago - OL (Cedar Park) - Drago is a highly touted OL prospect who has made a name for himself with his run blocking.  He has pretty good size at 6'6" 265 and has enough athleticism to get to the second level.  He's showed a high motor this year and a bit of an edge to him as well.  Drago holds offers from Arizona, Stanford, and Vandy as well as several Big 12 schools and he is rated #9 on the LSR 100.
  • Josh Cochran - OL (Halsville) - Cochran is another big OL target from east Texas which has been Mac McWhorter's territory.  Surprisingly though, Cochran has not been as heavily recruited as some of the other OL talent in the state which makes him a bit of a curious pick at this point. Cochran as not ranked in the LSR 100.
  • Cedric Reed - DE (Cleveland) - Reed is one of several defensive linemen in the state and he's probably the best of the bunch.  Although he currently plays DE, Reed is 6'6" 240, making him a great DT prospect.  However his 9 sacks this year show that he's able to get to the QB too.  The fact that he currently holds offers from Arkansas, LSU, UNC, & Stanford as well as a host of Big 12 schools should be even more validation of his talent.  Reed is currently #13 ont he LSR 100.
  • Beau Blackshear - DE (Waco Midway) - Yet another solid high school DE, Blackshear comes in ranked #76 on the LSR 100.  Blackshear hasn't received the pub that some of these other guys have gotten, but at 6'4" 230 he's one of those bigger DEs that Muschamp may like to play DT.
  • Nathan Hughes - DE (Klein Oak) - Hughes is yet another monster DE that could find his way inside in a Muschamp scheme.  At 6'5" 245 Hughes still managed to get to the QB 11 times this year to go along with 82 tackles on a playoff team.  Hughes holds offers from the Oklahoma schools as well as Arkansas and LSU and he's ranked #22 on the LSR 100.
  • Kolby Griffin - DB (St. Pius X) - Griffin is a long, lean, fast corner from the Houston area private school and fits perfectly into the Curtis Brown mold.  Griffin is #33 on the LSR 100.
  • Leroy Scott - DB (Pasadena) - Scott is the top DB in the state and has a good combination of height (5'10) and speed (4.4).  In addition he is a physical player that has enough upper body strength to be physical at the line.  Scott is #8 on the LSR 100
  • Sheroid Evans - DB (Sugar Land Dulles) - Evans is the guy I've been hearing a lot about.  He's a standout track guy who runs a 4.35.  But at 6'1", 185 he has the height and frame to become a standout DB at Texas as well.  I think the excitement about him is deserved as the top safety in the state.  Evans is #14 on the LSR 100.
  • Frank Shannon - DB (Dallas Skyline) - Texas has really turned around its fortunes with Skyline and hopefully Shannon keeps that trend going.  Shannon took in the TX/OU game this year and seems to be a Texas lean at this point.  At 6'2" you have to love his height playing safety or possibly bulking up to play a tweener role.  Shannon is currently #36 on the LSR 100.

At QB, Michael Brewer and David Ash are considering attending but I haven't seen anywhere that they are confirmed.

This class is expected to range from 18 to 24 players depending on what happens this year.  By the time that this group makes it in, guys like Curtis Brown, Chykie Brown, Christian Scott, Sam Acho, Kyle Hix, John Chiles, Eddie Jones, and Tray Allen will have departed along with possibly someone like Aaron Williams who could leave early.  Given those losses, it should be no mystery why there is a focus on DL, OL, & DB.

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