My Case Supporting the BCS

With Government hanging over the BCS in College Football and the advent of Virtual Bracket Style Play-offs, I believe the BCS got it right for the 2009 season and deserves more support.

Here are the Conference by Conference standings from the 2009 College Football Season.

1.   Big East  64-38  .627  (8)*
2.   SEC         97-59  .621  (12)
3.   Big 12      91-66  .579  (12)
4.   Big 10      80-59  .575  (11)*
5.   MWC        61-52  .539  (9)*
6.   ACC         82-71  .535  (12)
7.   PAC 10    68-59  .535  (10)
8.   WAC         49-58  .457  (9)*
9.   C-USA      70-82  .460  (12)
10. M-Amer    70-93  .429  (13)
11. Sun Belt   45-65  .409  (9)*

*No Conference Championship Game

As you can see, the common defense that Boise State (WAC) and TCU (MWC) got robbed doesn't hold water.  Cincinnati had a stonger argument for the National title chance but it's conference too is flawed.  With only 8 teams (fewest in all the Major Conferences) and no Championship Game, the Big East gets penalized.  The Big East has only itself to blame in that regard.  If I was the Big East, I would expand to 12 teams and ad a Championship game to become a ligitimate conference.  The top two conferences from last year was the SEC and Big 12 which was the two conferences that were represented in the National Championship Game.

On strength of schedule,

2   -  Florida, 5   -  Alabama, 23 - Cincinnati, 33 - TCU, 38 - Texas, 83 - Boise State

The BCS has a virtual bracket. Round 1, the non-conference play Round 2, Conference, Round 3, Conference Title Game, Round 4, BCS National Championship Game.

To have a playoff system, most brackets incluede around 3-4 or more rounds.  Most schedules include 10-12 games.  To then have a conference championship game followed by 3-4 more games, you're talking about 4-5 more games after the regular season that had a total of 10-12 games.  This doesn't make sense to me at all.  That's an equivelant of almost half a season after a full one.  We can all agree that Division 1 football compared to Division 1-AA, 2 and 3 contains a much higher level of competition.  This is why playing 4-5 games just to get to a National Championship game in a play-off system wouldn't work.

The importance of the regular season in College Football matches no other sport being played.  To diminish the regular season to only add almost a half season doesn't make sense. A college basketball season is around 31 games plus about 3-4 for a Conference Tournament.  The NCAA Tournament only adds 6 wins for the National Champion.  That's 6 games from a total of about 34 games (6-34).  If there was a play-off system for College Football, there would be 12 games then maybe 4 games for a Natioinal Champion. (4-12).  That puts post season for College Football at 33% and 17% for College Basketball.  For the BCS, when you include the Conference Championship Game (2/12) the post season percentage is 17%. College Football(BCS) 17% = College Basketball 17%.

The BCS might not be perfect, but the NCAA Tournamant isn't perfect either.  There would be just as manny flaws with a Play-off style post season for College Football then the BCS.  When you take into account the percentage of post season compared to regular season for the BCS and a play-off (8-16 team or more), the BCS makes more sense.

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