Lets Step Back from the Ledge

I remember a certain gem that 54b wrote a few years back asking, "What kind of BONer are you?" I've always figured that I've been a very optimistic fan, that at times fails to keep things realistic in his optimism.  I guess you can say that about alot of my favorite sports teams, as I've had to have learned patience after growing up an Astro and Oiler fan.  I'm not one to throw in the towel, and I'm not one to give up on a season in which so much can happen.  Remember 2007? After OU beat us, did anyone ever think that Rutgers would have a chance to play for the MNC? Kansas? Missouri?

I don't need to tell you that alot can happen in a season as it progresses, and as being a fan, I'm sure you're quite aware of that.  I also don't need to tell you that we still have a chance to play in a decent bowl, even the Fiesta Bowl if we take care of business, and get a little help.  

Of course, these are things you don't want to hear, because we just lost to our bitter arch-rival, Oklahoma (Sorry aggies).  I know alot of you feel like putting our head in the sand, until we get notice that Greg Davis is being ousted, and MacWhorter was sent packing.  Hell, I completely understand.  However, I refuse to acknowledge that our team is worth giving up on.  I also refuse to acknowledge that our team is giving up on themselves.  I know my fellow BONers aren't going to give up on this team; however, I'll give a few quick ideas as to why not...just in case.


  • We're Texas, and OU still sux.  Regardless of the outcome, they still have to go back to that desolated waste of territory, called Oklahoma.  
  • This team is young, and their talent isn't ripe yet.  They need about another year to gel before becoming a dominant team across the board.
  • Lower you expectations for Gilbert, and you will be alot happier.  I understand that it natural to get on GG for making a bad decision, or rookie mistake; however, please realize that he is still young, and has alot of maturing to do.  He's not Colt, he's not VY, but he has the chance to be great.  He's serviceable now, but will be good-to-great by the end of this season.  
  • We really are rebuilding on the offensive side of the ball.  To re-scheme everything, it takes time and recruiting, and execution.  Its not expected to work right away.  Case in point was the pro-set offense we had most of 2003 with Mock and VY.  
  • Aaron Williams has had a decent season, but many forgettable moments this year.  Maybe this lowers his stock and gets to return for his senior season? Not likely, but possible.

I'm not happy that we're 3-2, but if this team needs to have a rough season of learning to be a dominant dynasty in the future, then I'll take it.  I'll take it with an extra bottle of Crown and a few prozac, but I'll take the knock-you-out concoction right now, for a Champagne-shower in the locker room party in 2011/2012. 

We're going to be okay. We're going to the Cotton/Holiday/Alamo/Sun Bowl We're going to become better We're going to have a 2008-type season next year We're going to have a 2009-type season after. We're going to be great.
PS. Alcohol may or may have not played a part in this post.

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