Offensive and Defensive Expectations

So it has been 5 games and we're a very disappointing 3-2.  Let's get a few things out of the way to start:

1.  Yes, Greg Davis is inept.  We're all frustrated by him.  However, this is not a Greg Davis defense (or attack) post.

2.  We all seem to agree that, though the defense has underperformed at times, they are the better unit.  We're going to see if we can find out why.

3.  Garret Gilbert is young.  We need to give him time.  No one wanted Colt or Vince to play QB at the beginning of their careers either.  Is he a surefire All-American?  No.  Can he be?  Sure.  Patience please.

Ok, here we go...

We're Texas.  We expect our team to be great.  No, we demand it.  Some hate us for that, but that's who we are and why we're great.  As a part of that, we expect a defense that is suffocating and keeps opponents out of the end zone.  We also expect an offense that scores on every drive and averages 500 yards a game.  Is that too much?  Probably, but that's not an excuse for inadequcies on either side.

That said, I was talking with a friend and we started talking about NFL talent on this team.  We started naming the NFL prospects (guys who will likely get drafted or have a chance to get drafted) on both sides.  Here's what we came up with.


Garrett Gilbert (let the debate begin)

Mike Davis

Darius White

Malcolm Williams

Mason Walters

Kyle Hix (I know, I know, but he's big.  He'll likely get a look.)


Sam Acho

Kheshton Randall

Eddie Jones

Jackson Jeffcoat

Reggie Wilson

Alex Okafor

Taylor Bible

Ashton Dorsey

Keenan Robinson

Emmanuel Acho

Jordan Hicks

Tevin Jackson

Chykie Brown

Curtis Brown

Aaron Williams

Kenny Vaccaro

Christian Scott

Now I know that projecting NFL talent is about as easy as projecting high school talent and this list assumes a lot, but this is what we came up with.  Please feel free to disagree and share your own list.

That said, I think its pretty clear that one side of the ball is more talented than the other.  I don't think this is a surprise, but it leads to a couple questions:

1. Is the D full of NFL talent because of the great coaching, or is the coaching great because of the NFL talent?

2.  Is the O lacking NFL talent because of a lack of recruiting and development or is the offense struggling because of the lack of NFL talent.

I think the answer to the questions is a little of both.  I also think this shows that as many of us already know our defense will have to carry us the rest of the way.  It also proves that expecting a championship level offense might have been asking too much.  I know this won't make anyone feel better and is about 3 weeks too late, but I wanted to get the opinions and thoughts of BON.

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