Go Greg Davis...................Far Far Away!


                    Dear Greg Davis, 

                              I would like to propose the best Christmas present that you could give to Mack Brown, your early resignation. Mack Brown could not have been more supportive, loyal, and protective of you if you were his own child. If you have one iota of gratitude in you for the many years that Mack Brown has carried you then you would see what your ineptitude is doing to your friend.

                             I do not doubt your intentions or work ethic, I simply feel that you are incapable of utilizing the talent that is made available to you. Since the era of Chris Simms and Major Applewhite, you have shown no creativity or ability to make in game adjustments. The predictability of your play call selection is not conservative, its fearful. It is my sincere hope that you have saved your money and invested it wisely. You cannot continue to inflict your ineffectiveness upon the longhorn nation.

                             It has not been so long since perhaps the best  in NCAA history removed your head from the proverbial chopping block. Vince Young saved your and probably Mack Brown's job. Vince's talent, ingenuity, and fearlessness super-ceded your gutless timidity. Vincent Young changed the entire culture of the University of Texas Football program. I hope the temerity to think that you had any great part in the on-field success of Texas during Vince Young's reign. Surrounded by that level of talent, Vince Young would have won a national championship with an untrained orangutan for his offensive coordinator.

                          If you will not tell yourself the truth, I will continue to. In spite of you, Colt McCoy became the winningest division 1 quarterback in NCAA history. Your stifiling offensive philosophy frequently handcuffed McCoy, needlessly forcing him to bring his team back in the fourth quarter against teams that should have been dispatched in the first half. You had the most successful back to back quarterbacks in NCAA history and only won one national championship. Often, talent can super-cede coaching and sometimes  coaching elevate talent to its optimum level. But, never have I seen so little done with so much(except for the 2010 Dallas Cowboys). If not for longhorn fans everywhere, then for your friend Mack, walk off into the sunset. Take up fishing, go golf, or hide in the attic and pretend its a coaches booth. Whatever you do, please to do it away from the University of Texas.

                        The 2010 Texas Longhorns reflect the personality of their offensive coordinator: confused, uninspired and fearful. Mr. Davis you should walk away with some semblance of dignity. We will all help you pretend it was on your terms. What this offense needs is an innovative leader; if you lead and no one follows, then you're just going for a walk.

                                                                                                             Sincerely Yours,


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