Texas Volleyball Needs Your Support!

Don't worry, there is no poster of Jerritt pointing his finger at you.  Over in the world of volleyball, the coaches just work on coaching players and putting them in the best possible position to win matches.  Whether they are playing in front of 1,500 or 3,100 they don't care, they just play hard and if the ship needs "righting" they right it.

After a really difficult two weeks back in early September and a barrage of injuries throughout the last 6 weeks, the Gazelles have got things going in the right direction.  They are entering the home stretch with 4 matches remaining at Gregory Gym.  The team needs to fill seats as they are right on the cusp of breaking into the RPI Top 16.  The 16 seeded teams typically host the 1st and 2nd rounds of the NCAA Tournament.  Texas already knows it is hosting a regional where they are guaranteed to play but they have to make it there.  The RPI took a hit with 5 losses in early September. However, they are on an 8 match winning streak with two huge wins the past week over schools who think the pasture is greener elsewhere.  Texas certainly showed them both the door with the message "Don't let it hit you in the ass on the way out!"  Nebraska was looking for their first sweep over Texas since 2006.  I love nothing more than a Husker meltdown in Austin.  On Saturday night, Texas took care of Colorado in Boulder for the final time. CU hung tough through 2 sets but in the final set Texas gave CU their parting gift, a 25-5 smackdown.  For those of you football fans, a 25-5 win in a set is like a 66-3 quarter in football.  Jennifer Doris stepped back to serve at 9-4 and reeled off 10 straight points on an ace and 7 points by Juliann Faucette (4 kills and 3 solo blocks).  Our hitters are all hitting their stride as we move into the final month of the season.

The four remaining matches are

This Saturday November 6  - OU at 4pm

Wed. November 17 - Missouri at 6:30pm

Fri. November 19 - Kansas at 6:30pm

and the regular season finale on Wed Nov 23 before Thanksgiving against the aggies at 6:30.

They need your support as in addition to RPI the NCAA looks at attendance figures in awarding first and second round sites.  We are close to averaging in the TOP 10 in attendance.  We want to be in Austin through the regionals in a year when the tournament field should be wide open.  Everyone pretty much agrees this year's field is wide open and about 10 teams could be the National Champion, including Texas.  Whether or not that can happen I don't know, but I am really wanting our Final Four streak to continue in what can be called a rebuilding year.  The injuries have been huge this year.  Webster was lost with an ACL injury.  Arenas & Yogi had season ending hip injuries.  Allison & Bannister are out with ankle injuries.  Supposedly Allison is out for the season and Bannister could return for the playoffs but they will likely medical redshirt her. 

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