Playoff Report: Arlington vs Abilene.

Being that the school I coach at is still enjoying its first year and just wrapped up its first football season, it is a little bittersweet to go watch playoff games on the weekend and not be coaching in them. However, since we only opened with freshman and sophomores and will not be in a district for another year, I guess it is something I will have to accept for the near future. So, with the metroplex  having a plethora of games to go see I tried to pick the one with the greatest star power and came up with Arlington vs Abiline.

First, let's talk about the stars:

Miles Onyegbule - Texas commit. Played QB in the game and all season but will come to UT as a receiver.

Ronnell Sims - Uncommitted. Played QB in the game but will go to college as an athlete. Current offers as listed by Rivals are Baylor, LA Tech, Rice, SMU and Tulsa.

Herschel Sims - Okie Lite commit - Did not play in the game. I have no clue if it was from injury or what as I haven't kept up with him but I was disappointed I didn't get to see him and his cousin in the same backfield.

The game started out fast and furious as Arlington scored on their first possession and then Abilene turned the ball over on their first drive. Arlington then scored on an Onyegbule scramble making the score 14-0. Abilene had a better second drive but ended up kicking the ball back to Arlington who ofcourse scored to go up 21-0. Abilene scored before the half and it went to halftime. Abilene came back fired up and quickly tied the game up. The 4th quarter was incredibly exciting. Abilene was putting together a nice drive when their RB fumbled. On the very next play Arlington fumbled the ball right back to Abilene. After a few plays, Abilene decided they didn't want to win either and fumbled the ball right back. Arlington, trying to capitalize on Abilene's misfortune, decided to piss down their leg and just fumble the ball back. Abilene went on to score and tie the game back up and eventually kicked a field goal with 5 seconds left to keep their playoffs alive.

Now, on to the stars performance:

Ronnell Sims- Stud. Simply put. The dude can fly. His throwing skills left much to be desired. He was definitely deficient in any sort throwing motion. He pushes the ball more than throws it. However, he does throw a fairly good looking ball. He looked a lot better when he was throwing on the move and down the field. When he threw to the sides the ball often floated on him. When Sims runs, you hold your breath. The OC had a lot of designed runs for him and they worked well. He wasn't a dancer. He saw his hole, hit it, and accelerated. Quick. He was really impressive as a runner.

Miles Onyegbule - since he is playing QB now and will be a receiver at Texas it's hard to evaluate him so I'll just report what I observed. As a passer he was 11/18 for 183 and 1 interception. Onyegbule actually throws a great ball. he just lacks any zip on it. He had good form, through a pretty ball, and hit most of his receivers in stride. The interception came from a corner route he was throwing against Cover 2 man and he just floated it and under threw it, allowing the safety to make a play on it. As a runner Onyegbule was impressive as well. He takes longer to accelerate than Sims but once he got to top speed he looked good.

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