Perhaps we can ease up on Mack a little bit...

There has been a lot of finger pointing among the fan base since we've all been shocked into admission that we're not very good this year.  We are spoiled, plain and simple, and now that our lofty expectations aren't being lived up to, we are on a witch hunt.  I will not argue with anyone who thinks Greg Davis needs to go.  My forehead has been continuously sore from all of the incredulous slaps it has endured as a result of play calls that defy all reason and explanation.  I will heartily join in with anyone in a thorough lambasting of the job Davis has done this year, and it seems like recently he has joined us all in this, himself.  At least he has proven he has some self-awareness. 

What I don't understand is the recent outcries against Mack Brown, much of which has centered around his recent interview with Tom Rinaldi shown during College Gameday on Saturday morning.  For those who haven't seen it, here is a link:

My analysis of the clip and recent fan reactions to it follow the jump...

Assuming you watched the video, any perceptive human being who has been in a tough spot, like the one Mack is in now, could see the nervous lip biting and cheek chewing that indicate severe anxiety.  The way I perceive Mack in this video is that he is all too aware of the failures of the team and he is tremendously worried about it.  I think the fact that he has this much anxiety about what has happened this season should be considered a good sign.  To me, that indicates he hasn't become complacent, which is the worst thing that could happen.  Anyone familiar with human nature and the recent successes of the Texas football program should realize that it would be easy for anyone in Mack's position to become complacent.

As to his treatment of the personnel changes question:  I think he is planning on firing Greg Davis.  He'd have to in order to stick around.  So either he is planning on sticking around and making the tough choice of firing his buddy, or he is planning on retiring, in which case Greggy is going with him.  Would it be wise for him, at this point in the season, while we are fighting to become bowl eligible and save some shreds of dignity, for him to publicly declare that he is firing someone?  Of course not.  He was put in a tough spot with that question and he responded in about the only way he could:  by not singling anyone out, but making it clear that anyone underperforming, himself included, should not feel too comfortable in their job.   

To those who say Mack doesn't know what is going wrong or how to fix it, I say that there is very little consensus among us as to what the exact problems are and their exact solutions, except for the Greg Davis issue.  And there are even some who deny that Davis is the real problem.  With that in mind, how could you expect a complex issue that is hotly debated with multiple viewpoints to have a simple solution.  I think he knows what the major problems are and will address them.  These are problems that will take an offseason to fix.

To those who say he won't fire his buddy, I say you have to either be concluding that he is ready to retire or he is insane or stupid.  If you think he's ready to retire, then why the heck was he so visibly nervous in the interview.  If you think he is insane or stupid, then considering the amount of success he's had at Texas with turning the program around after Mackovic's failures, he must be the most high-functioning psychotic or idiot the world has ever seen.

In conclusion, Mack has a tough job, especially right now.  He's going through hell, I assure you.  If he were complacent, he would have seemed much more comfortable in that interview, even arrogant.  He wasn't.  He still cares about this team and wants them to be successful.  Given the fact that he has done great things in the past, I think we have to conclude that as long as he wants to, he will turn this thing around.  Therefore, I call for a collective backing the F up off of Mack and loud, concerted call of "FIRE GREG DAVIS!!"  Here we go on three:  One... Two... Three...

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