Some Aggie Hate

Friends, Romans, Longhorns, Ladies, Gentlemen and Aggie trolls.  Due to the recent stresses of school, I feel I have been a bit aloof on this, the most sacred weeks of school, so I felt it necessary to open up a thread for some ridiculousness to keep the intensity up.  The following is a link and a post from a summer time thread from '08 where out of boredom we began to discuss which out of conference fellows we hate the most.  I took it upon myself to just rant on Agglet U because well, screw em.  I appologize for the language, its from a younger time when I was apparently very fond of the F-bomb, e.i. don't show your child this post if they are under the age of 16.  I'll go through and filter some of the unnecessary F words.  It's a bit dated as you will see from the mentions of Goodson, the J-train and McGee, but still quite an entertaining  read.  Add your own hate for the fake farmers from the armpit of America.  Peace and Love to everybody that doesn't live in College Station.

Hook 'em.  Beat the sheep off of A&M guys' D!@k$

First Post:

For starters, I know this is a non-conference discussion, but I must state my hatred for aTm. As much as I hate OU, I can still respect what they have a accomplished, meaning that they have won before. Wtf has assTomouth U done to think they re so damn (FILTER) great? Oh yeah, tradition, freaking (FILTER) cheerleaders running around yelling code words at they re fans and doing some type of freakin (FILTER) wind talker arm signs, gimme a damn (FILTER) break. Oh, you're a jr., don’t show your ring, oh you’re a Sr. show ur ring, everybody hiss like a dipshit snake while we all put our hands together to pray and shake them. Holy shit we scored, its gropping time. Damn they piss me off.


Second Post:

Why the hell (Filter) are they so proud of their little shithole town known as college station? Its the armpit (FILTER) of the United States, its a giant freaking (FILTER) pasture. The fact that around town you see longhorns with horns sawed off just makes me smile, how many thousands of dollars have they spent trying to make fun of us?

Things that really grind my gears:
Whoop!...What The F? (FILTER) Seriously…

Halabalu Coneck Coneck (forgive my misspellings aggie land)...I repeat…What…The…Fuck? The next time somebody yells this, whatever the heck (FILTER) it means, I am going to punch them in the neck

Hissing: So much dumber (FILTER) than booing…

The Corps: The disgrace of the US military, wait are they even considered military? What do they protect, a dog and a lawn?

The sacred memorial untouchable grass: Now I have heard that its all about being dedicated to the soldiers that have fallen in wars for the US and so on and so forth…great, wonderful, at UT (no I am not dyslexic aggletts, it is UT, not tu) our stadium is called DKR Memorial Stadium. Just wanted to clear that up before I was called an unpatrotic person. So you dedicate a fucking pasture of grass to those who have fallen for our country??? Even worse, this pasture of grass is in College Fing (FILTER) Station??? WTF people come on, build a couple monuments, maybe a statue of a soldier with his ass facing Austin (which btw good way of trying to offend your own state capitol), anything besides your backyard.

Kyle Field: The most disgraceful piece of architecture in the United States…period.

Yell leaders: Oh we re aTm we dont’ need cheerleaders, we have “yell leaders”...same shit in a much uglier fuckin bag. Watching them give their code hand, arm, full body signals to the rest of aggieland is like watching the special olympics of interprative dance. At Texas, we understand the game, we don’t need people to tell us what is going on.  Where do they buy those painters outfits anyways?

Stephen McGee: Do I need to say anything about this little bitch? I hope Orakpo makes him bleed from the ears.
The J-Train: Wah fuckin Wah “Coash, I want de ball late in da game!...Pwease?”
Goodson: Are agros still calling him the second coming?...When Kindle introduces himself to mr. goodson, Mikey better hold on to his nether regions (FILTER) that feels so much better

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