Playoff Report: Arlington Martin vs Euless Trinity

Though this game had no UT commits it was still one of the best playoff match ups in the state for this weekend. The game did not disappoint. More following the jump.

Players of interest:

Danezel Williams: OU Commit - 5'9, 190. Plays RB for Marting but will play corner for OUsucks.

Russell Bellomy: Purdue Commit - 6'3 178. QB.

Tevin Willaims: Uncommitted. Multiple schools of interest, only 3 offers according to Rivals.

Due to prior engagements (my 25th birthday) I got to the game a tad late with about 7 minutes left in the 2nd quarter. When I got there Trinity was up 14 - 7. Martin proceeded to drive down the field using their spread offense and scored to tie it up at 14. Martin was also able to get the ball back and drive down the field before the end of the half to set up a short field goal. However, the kick was blocked by Trinity and the teams went into the half at a tie.

After the half Trinity came out with guns a blazing and quickly took a two touchdown lead. Martin, however, turned a nice drive complemented by a converted fake punt for about 30 yards into a touchdown that  made the score 28 - 21. Martin then went for the onside kick which was well executed and very creative pooch kick but did not recover. On the next play, on a QB sweep, Trinity went about 60 for a touchdown to seal the game. As if that wasn't enough, Trinity got another touchdown off a Martin turnover to extend their lead to 42 - 21 and advance in the state playoffs.

Player Evaluations

Danzel Williams: Williams is clearly fast and elusive. However, I can see why OU wants him as a corner and not a running back. Williams lacks the size to be an every down running back. While he did break the Arlington ISD scoring record which had stood for 59 years this evening he also showed that he is most effective when he gets the ball on the outside. This is not to say he can't run on the inside. He can do so on the high school level. I just don't see it at the collegiate level.  He is also not 5'9. I would say 5'8 which doesn't seem like a big deal but can make a difference. Regardless, Williams is a great athlete and that will serve him well at the second level.

Russell Bellomy: Bellomy doesn't throw a ton of routes but what he does throw is fairly impressive. I would call his arm strength average to above average though he does throw a pretty ball with decent zip. He also threw some nice touch passes during the game though none were completed. Bellomy also has great athleticism. I don't think he ran for a ton of yards but he extended many plays by avoiding blitzing defenders and either running for yardage or throwing for the first. I think this is a great fit for Purdue. Purdue always seems to find good QB's who may go under the radar as far as ratings go but fit their system and do a good job of running their offense and eventually seeing the NFL (see Drew Brees, Kyle Orton, Curtis Painter).

Tevin Williams: Williams is a good but not outstanding running back. He is elusive, but not fast. Trinity did a great job of playing to their strengths and getting him on the outside where he was most effective. When they ran him inside he was not very effective only gaining a few yards per carry. However, when Williams got to the outside, he was dangerous. Like I said, he is not fast but he is elusive. He was able to make the first few tacklers miss but would always get sucked up or just couldn't make the 2nd or 3rd person miss. He reminded me of a poor man's Trey Newton.


Disclaimer: I wrote this post at 3 AM after a fun night out in Fort Worth. If the post seems lacking in details I apologize.

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