KSU Game as "Texts From Last Night"...

All in all, I had a pretty good weekend.  I passed the Texas Bar Exam, got engaged, and celebrated both events with friends.  Life was good.  Life was real good.  Life was good enough that I actually thought Texas could walk out of Manhattan with a victory.  I didnt know if Texas would win, but I thought they would keep it close.  As it turns out, I thought wrong.  Unlike my own silly thoughts, most of my friends and family were fully expecting a lopsided beating.  And, well, that's pretty much exactly what happened.

After the jump, and in the spirit of textsfromlastnight.com, I wanted to share some of my text conversations with the BON Community...like the last couple of weeks, a few of these entries were contributed by other BON authors.

(xxx): Did I really wait all day to watch THIS?

(xxx): They scored in three plays.  Three.


(xxx): Kirkendoll blocking on that pass play might be the dumbest thing I've seen all season.

(xxx): And it's not like I have a shortage of plays to choose from.


(xxx): Are our WRs or the Hellraisers a bigger embarrassment.

(xxx): Our WRs.  I actually respect the Hellraisers for being there tonight.


(xxx): When it rains it pours

(xxx): Or it just clangs off your hands


(xxx): At least we know how to fake a FG.  Oh wait no we dont

(xxx): That's really the least of my worries...and it really is just a sign of our desperation.


(xxx): Our D is already making this guy look like Vince


(xxx): If there's one thing our guys avoid, it's finding open space in which to run

(xxx): Not true.  Our safeties avoid trying to plug running lanes or cutting off open pass routes.


(xxx): KSU may not complete a pass tonight

(xxx): Why would they even try? 


(xxx): I think I tried to run that fake punt in middle school during a Madden game.

(xxx): Did it work?

(xxx): No, I fumbled it.

(xxx): But at least I didnt run the play to the short side of the field...


(xxx): The announcers are wrong about only 2 of their players touching the ball so far.

(xxx): It's actually a lot more.  He forgot about their DBs who caught passes from GG.


(xxx): We're still 30-6 over the last three seasons, right?


(xxx): We're winning in total yards!!!!!!!!!!!

(xxx): So this is just a fluke, right?


(xxx): Steve Moore, man.  Steve Moore.


(xxx): Another penalty and Mack is clapping.  I'd rather be watching a Justin Bieber concent.

(xxx): I feel like I'm already watching a Justin Bieber concert


(xxx): Can you believe this?

(xxx): I already turned it to HBO to watch Avatar.

(xxx): Sadly, that might be more entertaining than this game.

(xxx): Touchdowns are our unobtanium


(xxx): Is this is where Vince comes in to lead the big comeback?

(xxx): Nope.  Colt doesn't either.

(xxx): I wish this team could play the 2005 team in a scrimmage.  That would be awesome.


(xxx): It took KSU 54 seconds to score in the first half....lets see if they can beat that.

(xxx): But we get the ball first.

(xxx): Never mind.

(xxx): Wow.  Just wow.


(xxx): In 2010, I know to just expect the unexpected.  Except in the bad way.


(xxx): BON was just on TV!


(xxx): Did they just say you blog from your parent's basement?

(xxx): Dunno.  Not watching right now.

(xxx): I think that's what they said about BON.  Y'all just got burned, 2005-style.


(xxx): We just started a power hour at the house in honor of Gilbert

(xxx): Any special rules?

(xxx): We're taking a shot every time he squints


(xxx): This is rock bottom, right?

(xxx): I asked that same question to a couple people.  They all had the same response: FAU


(xxx): People in this bar are laughing at us.  At this point, all I can do is just laugh along...


(xxx): From MNC game to no bowl?  That's ridiculous.

(xxx): I mean, this isnt the NFL.

(xxx): Dude, this doesnt even feel like high school...


(xxx): Does your big weekend make this feel better?

(xxx): Yeah, it kinda does.  Sense of perspective, I guess...

(xxx): I was hoping you'd say no.  

(xxx): Because I dont really have anything to build off of right now


(xxx): Their 2 star QB spent the entire game outrunning our 4-star defense.

(xxx): And their 3-star DB's spent the whole game intercepting our 5-star QB.

(xxx): That really kinda sums the game up, doesnt it?


Feel free to post your own comments and conversations below...

Hook 'em!

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