Wild Wildcats Run Over Longhorns 39 - 14

Ouch. This was bad.  We just couldn't do anything right, and they couldn't do anything wrong. 

Literally, the Kansas State Wildcats "ran" all over the Longhorns, passing only 4 times during the entire game for a total of 9 passing yards.  Of 54 total plays, 50 were runs, resulting in 261 yards on the ground and 5 touchdowns.  43 of those 50 runs, and 4 of the touchdowns, for Kansas State, are credited to only two players, QB Collin Klein, 127 net yards and 2 touchdowns, and Daniel Thomas, 106 net yards and 2 touchdowns.

The Wildcats scored the opening touchdown in 2 plays after the kick return inside the first minute of the game.

The Longhorns racked up 85 plays, with 412 overall offensive yards, 140 of which were on the ground, but saw only 2 touchdowns out of it.  We did much better with penalties, only 55 yards, compared to our average 100 yards per game, but one of the penalties cost us a touchdown.

The first half ended with Kansas State owning 3 touchdowns and 1 field goal, Texas - zero, 24 -0.  The Wildcats picked up 2 more touchdowns in the 3rd quarter, and the 3rd quarter ended Wildcats 39 - Texas 0. The 5th touchdown was followed up by an extra 2 point conversion.  I was furious, I though, are these guys just trying to rub salt in the wound, then I realized the extra point attempt was blocked, and the kicker picked up the ball and ran it in for 2. What's the chances of that happening? It was starting to smell like a skunk.

Still, the Longhorns played on. We were able to come up with 2 touchdowns in the 4th quarter, leaving the game at Wildcats 39 - Texas 14.

I just finished writing a blog on how Garrett Gilbert was not the problem with the Texas Longhorns, citing details of the Baylor game, and then he comes out and plays his worst game yet.  Still, the loss was a team effort, and Gilbert made some mistakes, but he was playing a much more aggressive passing game that I've seen, so some mistakes were going to happen.  He was taking more risks and chances.  I'm guessing that was the planned offensive strategy, to push Gilbert into taking more chances, and playing more aggressively.

That would have been a darn good game plan, except the offensive planners seemed to miss a rather big piece.  We don't have any receivers that can catch or hold the ball consistently.  So instead of catching maybe one out of two, they were catching maybe one out of ten.  Kudos to freshman Mike Davis, 11 receptions for 109 yards.

So, it seems like the coaches are trying different things like putting a few freshmen receivers in, telling Gilbert to take it up a notch, and had an aggressive passing game planned.

The other part of the problem with that strategy, other than not having anyone who can catch the ball, is that under more pressure, Gilbert is going to forget to watch for interception potential, which I was commenting on as early as the first two games.  You can see, he's just not including that variable in his pass decisions.

He's credited with 5 interceptions this game. Only 3 of them were directly thrown interceptions, where he knew there was coverage close enough to step in and intercept.  He just forgets to watch for that.  The other 2 interceptions were a tipped ball, causing it to fly high, instead of a direct hit, which set up more time for the Kansas State player to step in front of the ball.  I believe if that ball had not been tipped, it could not have been intercepted.  The other interception, hit the hands of the intended receiver, bounced up in the air, and landed in the hands of a Wildcat behind.  The pass was thrown a little high, still a reasonable jump, the receiver had both hands around it.

The interceptions set up 17 points, 2 touchdowns and 1 field goal for the Wildcats.  The announcers were making comments about pulling Gilbert out of the game, but Brown doesn't do things like that.

This was certainly Gilbert's worse game of the season, but, as already mentioned, he was playing a lot more aggressive in the air, which is gonna increase your mistake ratio.  He still hasn't yet made the break through to faster, more precise, college football.  I think it was good to push him though.  Did it cost us the game?  I think not.  As usual, what cost us the game was a combination of many factors, not just QB performance.  We still have no runners, and we still have receivers that can't catch the ball.

Also, I have not yet been critical of Muschamp one time this season, but I think he missed the boat on defensive strategy.  I don't know what footage he was watching to plan for defensive strategy, but maybe he was watching the wrong team.  He had 2 guys to stop.  Something went very wrong with the defense during this game, and I don't think it was morale.  They just couldn't stop these two runners, even after a quarter or two of play, and seeing what was unfolding with the 2 dominant runners, they couldn't seem to get in their faces, in their way.

I don't really have a high point of the game, but I do remember the low point.  I call it the Drive From Hell.  With about 3 minutes left on the 1st half clock, on the UT 32, Gilbert throws long and deep to Kirkendoll who catches it and crosses the goal line. Touchdown Texas!  But wait, a flag, the play is reversed due to holding against Texas. No Touchdown.  Gilbert methodically works his way back down field in about a dozen plays.  We're at 1st and 10 on the Kansas State 11 yard line.  This is a touchdown for sure, I'm thinking.  First play out, fast pass to receiver in the end zone, when a Wildcat steps in front of the pass, catches it, and runs it up field to the 41.  Kansas State doesn't score, mainly because the 1st half clock runs out.

That's how the beloved Longhorns entered the locker room at halftime. Just after that long drive only to be intercepted, and with the Wildcats holding a 24 - 0 point lead.

All we have are home games left, but two of them are with teams that stand a very good chance of causing us even more losses.  Oklahoma State is playing well, having whupped up on the Baylor Bears this week, 55 - 28, and then A&M just whupped up on the #8 Oklahoma Sooners, on their own home ground, 33 - 19.

Fans of the beloved Texas Longhorns, prepare yourselves for a very possible 2 more losses.

Food For Thought:

The last Baylor game was our 23rd loss to them since 1901.  We also beat them 73 times since 1901.

We have only lost games to Oklahoma State 2 times since 1916.  We've beat them 22 times

Since 1894 we have lost 36 games to Texas A&M.  We have won 75.

We've lost games to Texas Tech 15 times since 1928, and won 45 games

Since 1900, the Oklahoma Sooners have been our biggest opponent. We've lost 41 and won 59 games with them

Kansas State has appeared on our schedule only 11 times since 1913.  Until this win, we were tied with 5 wins, 5 losses.

Our 2009 National Championship loss to Alabama was our first loss to them ever.  Since 1902 we have played them 8 times, and won 7 of those games.

Since the Longhorns began playing football in 1893, we have lost a total of 322 games, but won a total of 849 games.  We are the second most winning team in the NCAA.

On Nov. 13, 1908 we lost to Oklahoma 50 - 0

On Oct. 10, 1914, we beat Baylor 57 - 0

1915 was a weird season.  We won 5 of 9 games holding our opponents to zero points, TCU 72 - 0, Daniel Baker 92 - 0, Rice 59 - 0, Southwestern 45 - 0, and Alabama 20 - 0, then A&M beat us 13 - 0.

In 1927 we played a game against TCU that ended in a tie 0 - 0.  We did beat Kansas State that year 41 - 7.

In 1956 we lost every game except one, that year TCU beat us 46 - 0, and Oklahoma beat us 45 - 0.

Coach Darrell Royal started as head coach for the Longhorns in 1957, and took us through 3 National Championships, 1963, 1969, 1970.  Darrell Royal coached from 1957 through 1976, almost 20 years.  Almost half of those years were seasons with 3 or 4 losses per season.  The last year he coached he had 5 losses.

After Coach Royal, Fred Akers coached for 10 seasons, then David McWilliams coached for 5 seasons, then John Mackovic coached for 6 seasons, and they all had a handful of seasons with 3,4,5,6 and even one 7 loss season.  Mack Brown took over as head coach in 1998, and had a 5 loss season in 1999.  Since then, and until now, 2010, all of his seasons have been 3 or less losses.  We now stand at 5 losses, with a high probability of accumulating 2 more by the end of the season.

In 1938, we lost all 8 of our first games, then our last Thanksgiving Day game against A&M, we beat them 7 - 6.

I believe the record losses per season is 9, in 1956.  We lost every single game except one, which we won by a 1 point margin, 7-6, against Tulane.

The last time Mack Brown has been with a 5 loss season is 1999.  The last time the Longhorns have been at a 7 loss season was the year before Mack Brown took over as head coach, 1997 with coach John Mackovic.  We also saw 7 losses in 1988 under coach David McWilliams.

The most losses per season that Fred Akers saw was 6 in 1986. He also had two 5 loss seasons.  The most losses coach Darrell Royal saw was a 5 loss season the last year he coached in 1976.  He did see a few 2, 3 and 4 loss seasons.

In 117 years of college football, the beloved Longhorns have seen 7 or more losses in a given season only 4 times, as of week 10 of the 2010 season.  We now stand at 5.  Two more losses will make the 5th time the Longhorns have seen 7 or more losses in a given season.

1938, lost 8, Coach: Dana X. Bible
1956, lost 9, Coach: Ed Price
1988, lost 7, Coach: David McWilliams
1997, lost 7, Coach: John Mackovic
2010, ???

If we do lose the Cowboys and Aggies games, then Coach Mack Brown will be among only 4 other coaches to have had 7 or more losses in a given season.

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