everybody chillax. 3 reasons things arent so bad.

     I must confess that I am not used to feeling better about a situation than the rest of you so this is weird.  I really believe the doom and gloom over Muschamp (and potentially Major) leaving is way overblown. 

1 - Muschamp was a good DC, but totally unproven as an HC.

     This point has is well known (and giving pause to many UF fans right this moment).  Muschamp was a good DC, shit he was a great DC.  He has produced some fantastic defenses during his career and he deserves a ton of credit for that.  Now was he the greatest DC of all time?  Was he perfect?  Was he guaranteed to be a good HC?  Uh no, no and no.  Anyone who watched last year's team should be able to acknowledge that the defense was not good.  Despite the incredible efforts to rationalize how the offense actually caused the defense to allow all those points to chump ass teams I believe even the most biased horn fan would admit that Muschamp didnt exactly go out with a bang here.  I am not minimizing his accomplishments as a DC.  I just think the whole Muschamp is god crap that is peddled ad nauseam around here is a joke.  I cringed every time I read "In Boom we trust".  The only thing that should be trusted is the result put on the field, period.  Speaking of results, Muschamp has none as a head a coach.  Zip, zero, zilch, nada.  Could he turn out to be the next lombardi? Sure.  Do any of us know how good he will be as a head coach? NO, and further you could fill warehouses with the number of sure thing athletes and coaches that bombed out.  Before Mack came to Texas, he proved he was the man as an HC by building UNC up from nothing to a damn fine program.  He earned the elite coaching gig he was offered.  Was Mack guaranteed to be a success at Texas? No, but he earned his shot.  Will we NECESSARILY suffer as a result of losing Muschamp as HCIW?  NO ONE KNOWS, and until we do everyone should calm down.  In a few years we could be talking about the bullet we dodged with Muschamp leaving, you never know.     

2 - Major is a nice guy but . . .     

      These same thoughts apply to Major as OC.  He hasnt proven shit yet.  Could he be the next Malzahn?  Sure, but it seems like everyone is giving him credit for that before he's proven it.  The whole "our recruiting will tank without Major and Will" line is laughable.  Everyone who has been saying that deserves ridicule, seriously.  Our recruiting was fine before Will and Major and it will be fine long after them.   We will fill the OC, DC slots with phenomenal coaches and recruiters and our talent level will remain off the charts.  I think USC is a good reference point, what happened to USC when Carrol left, did their recruits run for the hills  like many predicted??? NO, and neither will ours.  This is still Texas and Mack is still at the helm, we will have the talent we need to win.   

       Truthfully, recruiting concerns overlook the fact that talent isnt our problem anyway, it is coaching.  How was the defense last year with all those highly recruited players? the offense?  How was that highly touted Gilbert guy?  Whats that?  Malcolm Brown is going to magically produce a running game?  Is he gonna block for himself?  Is he gonna play QB so we have a credible threat in the passing game? 

3 - What have we really lost?

     In order to be upset with losing Will and potentially Major I would have to be convinced that their replacements will not be as good or better. 

Facts -

The OC next year will necessarily be a huge improvement. 

Mack will hire a badass at DC.  Whether it is Shannon or someone else we all know Mack will fill Will's slot with a stud.  I see little or no loss here.

When Mack retires, he will be replaced by a fantastic candidate.  Muschamp was such a candidate but that doesnt mean whoever now replaces Mack wont also be great.  Seeing as we cant know how Mack's replacement will do (whether it is Muschamp or Peterson or whoever), I see no KNOWN loss here either.  All we can hope for is a fantastic candidate to replace Mack, the rest is unknown.  It is simply wrong to think that Muschamp was the only one who could keep Texas at an elite level.  Frankly, I am a little relieved that we are likely headed towards a proven HC replacing Mack now (seems to me they show a higher chance of success). 


For the record, this is not a case of sour grapes.  I literally shrugged when I heard about Muschamp.  The only catastrophe that keeps me up at nights is the one we have under center.  If we cant get him coached up then we are screwed no matter if Saban or Belichik or Jesus Christ Lombardi is our coach. 

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