Justin Wilcox Watch

I'm posting this in a fan post because it will all be old news by tonight and there may be a new name surfacing in the next 12 hours anyway.

It is like watching for Santa on Christmas Eve when you were a kid.

Texas would demand that he come to Austin before Dec. 30 because we need him for our bowl game? ESPN SEC blogger Chris Low thinks one thing might kill the deal.

One of the things that could definitely kill the deal is if Texas demands that Wilcox make the move before Tennessee's bowl game. That shouldn't be an issue, though, because the Vols play North Carolina Dec. 30 in the Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl.

Tennessesee isn't going to beg anyone to stick around.

"I think we've shown on more than one occasion that if the head coach needs the resources to compensate coaches, we've been more than willing to do that," UT athletic director Mike Hamilton said. "I don't want to talk about specifics. If Derek asked me for resources to accommodate coaches, and I would never anticipate he would ask for something that's completely unreasonable, I would try to help him."

But if there's some other issue, Dooley also made clear he won't be getting down on his knees to convince anybody to stick around.

But what about next week? "To my knowledge, he's never been offered a job at Texas, and he's not going to be named within 48 hours," an emotional Tennessee coach Derek Dooley told reporters Monday.

Rocky Top Talk is just sitting around and waiting...

I say "the wait" like 24 hours is a ridiculous amount of time.  Technology has pushed everything to warp speed - if you're reading this with VolQuest open in another tab, madly hitting refresh every few minutes to see if anything's're not alone.

But whether the wait is over in a couple days, or Texas decides to hold off on anything official until after other teams play what's known as a "bowl game", it's going to be a distraction for the Vols either way.  Unless Justin Wilcox stands up after practice today and says he's not going to Texas, the Vols will have to deal with the possibility that he is.

I Am The 12th Man is thinking again.

texas' latest candidate for defensive coordinator is rumored to be Tennessee defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox, someone who was considered for the Aggie DC position last year before Sherman hired Tim DeRuyter. Wilcox was at Boise State before Derek Dooley lured him to Tennessee. I'd actually be in favor of Wilcox going to texas, because he seems to favor the 4-3, which he ran at Boise and now at Tennessee. Putting in a 4-3 scheme against at texas (Muschamp ran a multiple scheme with a 4-2-5 as his base) would play right into the hands of the spread offenses in the Big 12. Add in the fact that texas doesn't have the personnel to run a 4-3 right now, and his hiring could cause another season of struggle for the texas football program.

If Wilcox is coming to Texas, let us hope he didn't pick up any bad habits at the other UT.

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