All-Day New Year's Eve Purging the Demons of 2010 Thread

This is a game I saw on the Alabama SBNation site. Each person posts an embarrassing story about him/herself, hoping to somehow create a positive mojo for the upcoming game. The more embarrassing, the more mojo it brought about. They did this before the 2009 SECCG and 2010 MNC and, as we know all too well, it worked.

Post one, post all, and keep in mind that this is under the cover of a screen name. (And beyond the jump, a complete timeline of the suckage that was 2010)

Here's mine:

When I was 15 I lost an arm wrestling contest to a girl four inches smaller than me. And it wasn't close.

Post yours. 2011 depends on it. The more embarrassing the better.

2010 in all its glory:

January 7: Colt McCoy is injured in the first drive of the BCS Championship Game, costing Texas its 5th national title and second in five years. Alabama won, 37-21.

January 9: Earl Thomas announces he's leaving early for the NFL.

January 18: Then-top ranked Longhorns men's basketball loses to #10 Kansas State. This would be the first of many.

February 27: Men's Basketball loses to A&M in College Station, completing the fall from #1 to unranked.

March 18: Men's Basketball chokes the game away in overtime to Wake Forest in the first round of the NCAA tournament, the team's earliest exit in years.

June 10: Colorado is approved to join the Pac-10 along with Utah, weakening the Big 12.

June 11: Nebraska is approved as the 12th member of the Big Ten Conference, another blow to the Big 12.

June 13: Baseball, the #2 overall seed in the tournament, loses at home to TCU in the Super Regional in 3 games.

July 25: Sergio Kindle falls down a flight of stairs and injures his head, taking him out of the 2010 NFL season and possibly more.

September 25: After a so-so start to the year, football loses at home to unranked UCLA.

October 2: Football loses in the Red River Shootout to Oklahoma, the first loss in 3 years;

October 23: Football loses at home to Iowa State and a new low is reached. Fans call for Greg Davis's head.

October 30: Football loses at home to Baylor. I hope that was easier to read than it was to type.

November 25: Football loses at home to Texas A&M, its seventh loss of the year, rendering the team bowl-ineligible.

December 6: Greg Davis resigns.

December 11: Will Muschamp hired to be the head coach of the Florida Gators.

December 26: Kindle is arrested for DUI (his second arrest for the charge).

December 30: CB Aaron Williams declares for the 2011 NFL Draft.

I hope that's it.

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