Motionless Offense

General thoughts from the Drum last night:

• Barnes has lost this team. They have given up on him and he has given up on them
• As stated on ESPN radio (versus the homers over at 1300) this morning, the Motionless Offense Barnes runs is not new, so there should be no surprise to its stagnant nature, the issue is that we are totally dependent on a NBA caliber PG to run the show. Without it we are 4 guys standing around while one guy dribbles around circles and an occasional guy steps up with a half hearted pick and roll. Our offense is designed to allow future NBA stars to show their stuff, it is not designed so create an offensive engine that is far better than the sum of it’s the parts. Watch other top teams, they move the ball and as soon as there is the slightest defensive mistake, the ball rotates around for an open shot. It is a real thing of beauty when it works, our offense is just plain ugly.
• Pittman is novelty and not a big time player. But once again, if he played on a team with an offensive purpose and movement he could be very effective. He whines and is not mentally tough. I believe the coaches all realize they can push him around early and make him a mental basket case. As a team we telegraph when we are going to Pittman, we might as well put up a big sign announcing our intentions
• When we have movement it is random and without purpose.

What should we do:
• I love Dogus Balbay and been a proponent of his playing time, but based on sticking with the Motionless Offense we have no choice but to bet heavily on J’Covan Brown.
• I am not sure what to do with Jordan Hamilton, he seems so lost. Once again, if we ran a structured offense he might understand his role and what he is supposed to do, but right now he has no clue. I have never seem a player of this talent look so awkward on court
• You got to love James, I feel bad for him. At least he has a basketball career beyond Texas. He has really stepped up but the Power Forward cannot do it alone
Jai Lucas is a bust, do not play him
Gary Johnson can be a black hole, but he goes to the hoop strong and is not intimidated or ratted by the defense.
• I like Bradley, but he is not having fun out there and seems a little frustrated and without purpose
• I would go with J’Covan, Bradley, James, Johnson and (not sure, I would like to say give Hamilton a shot and see if he can settle into a flow, but I really am not sure)

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