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What if Baylor's coach Scott Drew coached this years Texas team? I think they would definitly be a final four team if not win it all. I give Barnes a little slack for some of the injuries, but I think changes are necessary in Barnes approach after this year. Maybe he needs to hire better assistants kinda like Mack did when he hiredMuschamp when things weren't going well. I keep hearing how great the staff is at Texas, so maybe that isn't the answer. I think its funny that the same people who bash Greg Davis are in love with Rick Barnes.

The star system isn't up to par in b-ball as it is in football. I think they give 5 star rankings way to easy in b-ball. I think football use to be the same way a while back. I still think Scout gives out 5 star ranking too easy. How can you give a b-ball player 4-5 stars if they can't shoot (Balbay). How can you give a QB 5 stars if they can't throw (Tebow, R. Sheppard, Pryor). I would rank the following players if I was giving stars (its much easier after seeing them play in college).

A. Bradley-4 stars

J. Hamilton-4 stars

J. Brown-3 stars

D. Balbay-3 stars (only for defense)

D. Pittman-3 stars

D. James-4 stars

I think a 5 star in b-ball needs skills like K. Durant, J. Wall, G. Oden etc.

C. McCoy-4 stars

S. Bradford-4 stars

E. Thomas-5 stars

B. Gideon-4 stars (how can a 2 star player start as a freshman)

T. Tebow-4 stars

T. Allen- 3 stars

E. Jones-4 stars

T. Pryor- 4 stars

Any thoughts on other big mistakes made by Rivals or Scout?


Random thoughts:

Von Miller is the Aggies pride and joy. He is a good pass rusher, but horrible against the run. What round will he be drafted in next year? I remember watching a&m play Georgia and it said that a&m had 0 draftable players. Did ESPN make a mistake or are the scouts not big on Miller? I would of thought Johnson and Miller would've made the list.

Nebraska is already overrated next year. I think they could very easily lose to Washington early in the season. I think Suh was a big loss for them. If Suh wasn't playing in the Big 12 championship game, then Texas would have had a much easier time on offense. He was in almost every play. The Nebraska offense was really bad. I wasn't impressed with any of there RB's that they keep bragging about.

a&m better make some noise next year because they won't have a chance for several years after that. The aggies lose JJ and Fuller will be gone as well. The defense doesn't really matter because they are horrible! The aggies defense has nothing to look forward to either. a&m has very few top defensive prospects that they recruited in the past few years.

I think Texas will be very good next year in football with little drop off. The defense will always be good as long as Muschamp is at UT. The offense will hit a few bumps in the road, but I think they will be fine (similar to last year). I think the offense could actually be better this year than last year because of the changes they are making. The Nebraska, ou and TT game will decide how good the season will be. I think Texas has a better team than all three. Nebraska and TT are going to be tough road games. a&m doesn't scare me too much because the game is in Austin.

The 2008 Texas team was better than the 2009 team. Texas was 2 plays away from winning back to back national titles (we will never know)!

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