Top 10 Sports Movies - Thread

Since it is the Spring, there is no football (come on NFL draft), and my Cubbies are sucking it up I figured I would piggy back off of Kriess' thread and see if I could start one about sports movies. Here is my list. Feel free to dissect and throw your own in there as well.

10. The Legend of Bagger Vance - Matt Damon and Will  Smith both give great performances in a a Great Depression era golf movie where Damon playing Ranulph Junuh takes on Bobby Jones and Walter Hagan in a golf tournament in Savannah, GA. After watching the Masters you realize how beautiful that area of the country is.


9. Rocky IV - What do I really need to say about this that we don't really know? Rocky defeats Dolph Lundgren to show the negative effects of steroids and win the Cold War.

8. Cinderella Man - Russell Crowe plays James J. Braddock, a down on his luck retired boxer during The Great Depression who gets one more chance to fight and ends up making a miraculous comeback to boxing which helps him save his family and gives him a shot at the title.

7. He Got Game - Perhaps a controversial pick but I feel that it is a great movie. Denzel Washington and Ray Allen both are awesome and Spike Lee does a great job directing. It hits on all sorts of different issues regarding recruiting, families and basketball.

6. Friday Night Lights - For any Texas High School football player past and present this makes you yearn to put the pads on just one more time. From the 2-a-days to the pep rallies to the actual games to the parties the movie gets it exactly right and hits on all the emotions and stories each player from different background brings to the team but sets aside in order to achieve their goal. Of course, based off the book.

5.Rocky I - The first in a line of classics. Not much more to say here.

4. Field of Dreams - What a great movie. Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones are just great and how it ties in all the historic baseball with the troubled father/son relationship around what is/was America's Past Time makes it a wonderful film.

3. Brian's Song - As Turtle in Entourage says, Brian's song is the ultimate guy cry movie. Its about Gale Sayers and Brian Piccolo, both running backs for the Chicago Bears. This movie shows the bond that develops between teammates and just how powerful that is. Based off the book I Am Third by Gale Sayers.

2. Hoosiers - Easily could get the #1 slot as it is one of the most inspiring sports movies ever. It is a David vs Goliath story in a state where basketball is a religion like football is in Texas.

1. Rudy - This gets the nod for me as #1. Sean Astin plays the role beautifully and the story is what every person hopes for. Great story, great movie, I definitely did not cry.


Well, that's the top 10. I was going to add a small omission's list but I thought that would limit the discussion. Let's discuss.

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