Need to take your temp...

Hi there,

Finishing up an opinion piece (kind of like Rick Reilly’s old column in SI) for The Eyes of Texas Preview Guide coming out later this summer (shameless plug) and it’s important that I keep a finger on the pulse of Longhorns fans for this one...

Being a fervent backer of the Burnt Orange, I usually have a pretty good feel for what shade of orange BON’s mood ring currently displays, but a recent conversation with my fellow BON editors has me second-guessing myself.

The subject of our conversation and of my article is Colt McCoy. One of the BON editors mentioned that he and Shipley are going to be signing autographs in a book store soon, and I made some offhanded remark about how I hoped his arm didn’t go numb while signing so many footballs.

Believe me, in no way was it meant maliciously and though I can see how someone could take offense, anyone who knows me including the people I was talking with here in private, knows 99.9% of the stuff that comes out my mouth can be converted to methane anyway.

Regardless, a few of my cohorts responded admonishingly with, “too soon” and “poor form.” I, of course, took the high road and responded maturely with, “please excuse my reach when I shove my hand down your throat and yank the hurt out of your ass.” I know, I have such a way with people. It's a gift.

Anyway, without going completely pedantic on you, I want to take the temperature of BON and fortunately for you, this time, it doesn’t have to be rectally.

So how do you feel about Colt right now...are you over the National Championship loss, thankful for his time and considerable contribution, and excited about the GG years?

Or are you still smarting and having trouble getting past the idea that Colt left the 40 Acres without a Heisman or an MNC after coming so painfully close to both on multiple occasions? 

If I had to analyze myself, I’d say my immature comment about Colt’s arm above proves that I haven’t moved passed it, but I’m trying to by laughing at the pain. The question now is, are you mentally ready to laugh at the pain?

Appreciate your thoughts in advance.

[UPDATE] - Appreciate all the good's obvious this isn't something Horns fans take lightly by the well thought out responses. For those of you that have moved on, I agree that there's no sense in stewing over things we can't control. But I think a part of me won't ever get over it and will always look back on Colt's years as bittersweet regardless of how well we do in the upcoming years. Colt is such an outstanding representative of UT and I think I will always lament that his time here wasn't validated with more tangible hardware. But that's my problem. 

Thanks again for the feedback...hopefully my article captures the way we feel about Colt and puts his time here in a light that encourages folks like me to appreciate the past, embrace the future, and move on.    

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