The Realignment Watch - As of 1:52pm Nebraska has left the Big 12 building


Nebraska seeking Big Ten membership, per NU chancellor.

Mrs. John McEnroe has some words for Nebraska.

So long Cornhuskers.




I'll post whatever pops up today as a running post. Check the time stamp in the title for updates.

Horns_bullet_medium 11:34am

The era of the mega-conference has begun.

Actually, it already started and we didn't realize it because it was in basketball instead of football. Look at the 16 team Big East hoops conference. They're a tremendous power with more than half the teams in the NCAA Tournament each year. Shortly, we'll see the football equivalents.

It began with Nebraska joining the Big Ten. Missouri should soon follow. Then Colorado was the second team to leave the Big XII, opting for the Pacific Ten. Oklahoma State will be the third as they also join the Pac Ten. Then there's Texas A&M which will could go SEC or Big Ten. And then there's...You know what, why don't we just take a look at where we'll be once the dust settles.

Did the check clear? T. Boone Pickens gave UT money.

But in case expansion goes through, it seems like Oklahoma State has a spot at the table in the Pac-16. Oh, and the World notes that Pickens gave $100 million to the UT system in 2007:

Pickens said he did not donate $100 million to UT with any foresight of eventual conference realignment, and that OSU would want to be grouped with Texas and Oklahoma if such movement were to occur.

However, he acknowledged, "it didn't hurt."


Horns_bullet_medium 11:26am

Manifest destiny. The Big East should go west.

What's the matter with Kansas? Nothing, as far as the Big East is concerned.

The expected breakup of the Big 12 offers the Big East a rare and valuable opportunity. For the past couple of years, league officials have known they needed to expand in football. Yet there weren't any obvious candidates out there who would have made the conference stronger right away.

Rumors. Will we finally get some answers today?

Welcome, everyone, to On-the-Record Friday. As you know, major college athletics is in the midst of a massive reorganization. So far, most of the news of that reorganization has come from "sources" or "trusted sources" or "a source close to BCS coordinator Bill Hancock's father's brother's mother's cousin's former dry cleaner."



Horns_bullet_medium 11:00am

Just go. We're tired of hearing about it, too.

"I think before too long — I don't know exactly what that time frame is — we'll be able to put this to bed,'' then he jokingly added, "because I'm getting tired of it.''

Nebraska recruits are really excited about a move to the Big Ten.

"It would be a little different than playing in the Big 12," Williams said. "It would be a little more of a challenge. But I would get to play in the conference I grew up watching. My decision came down to Nebraska and several Big Ten schools, so I'll get to play against those teams I watched growing up.

"I think it's a really good idea."

Bye, bye Buffs.

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