My conference realignment idea. Thinking outside of the box.


I was wondering what would happen if almost all Big 12 teams were divvied up among the Big Ten, Pac 10 and SEC, and this is what I came up with. I also thought it was time for a select few teams to move up into the big leagues, and this would be the perfect opportunity to create some true Mega Conferences. The criteria included geography, fit, size, and market desirability.

A couple things to note, Texas and Oklahoma are a package deal, this is a nonnegotiable. Due to issues related to market desirability, Baylor and Iowa State have been eliminated from consideration due to being Baylor and Iowa State. Candidates for moving up include Boise State, Utah, and TCU.

The Big Ten gets two of its targets, Missouri and Nebraska and continues to make overtures to Notre Dame but that school politely declines. Instead they end up with Mizzou rival and basketball powerhouse Kansas, bringing it up to 14 schools.

The Pac 10 wants to grab Oklahoma and Texas but fails to rationalize travel concerns for all of those trips to Washington, and instead makes its first move grabbing Colorado for the lucrative Denver market. Next up, it selects local up and comers Boise State and Utah leaving the MWC and WAC at 8 teams a piece. The Pac 10 hopes to make small inroads to the Texas television market and selects another desert school in Texas Tech, picking it over TCU due to its 9000 student enrollment and small alumni base. This leaves the Pac 10 at 14 schools.

The SEC is now in prime consideration to nab Texas and Oklahoma but in a shocking twist it declines to make an offer. Outwardly they state that if anything their conference is TOO GOOD already and if anything it should be dumbed down, but subconciously they fear the true challenge it would bring to their traditional money making institutions. The SEC picks up OSU and Texas A&M, bringing it to 14 schools.

Now Texas and Oklahoma consider between long travel to the west or slightly shorter travel to the dreary midwest. Unexpectedly, they shock the nation and think outside of the box.

Texas and Oklahoma form the Big Two, the nation's first two team conference. They will play each other for every game in all sports, alternating between home, away, and neutral site games in Dallas.


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