Clearing the Cache

So, the hubs came home from work with the new iPad to figure out how to teach his team to operate the thing.  Along the course of the evening, he had visited BON multiple times & had to Google the right way to clear the history/cache/cookies.  I'm a little preoccupied with the beginning of football season, so I thought: hell, Longhorns could gain a lot from clearing our own cache.  I'm excited about the upcoming season, while many of us are anxious.  I think the difference lies in an ability to disregard the negative and focus on what's good.  

anxiety:diarrhea :: excitement:great magazine-reading bathroom trip

(but I wouldn't know; girls don't poop.)


I'll illustrate a few examples of the "cache" we need to clear to see if you understand what I mean...

a) Last Year's BCS Title Game

Say what you want, but Bama scored more points than we did when the clock expired.  For most, that's the end of the story.  For Longhorn fans... it should still be the end of the story.  Granted, it's a story that entails an undefeated season (until then) made up of classic Horn grandeur, close calls and one heart-wrenching blow to our beloved Colt in the final, behemoth game of the year.  It's done.  Get it out of the way NOW so you don't sound like just any other fan when you talk about TEXAS.  If "We're Texas" then let's all make it a good thing...  universally.

b) Colt is gone.  Garrett's our man.

Yeah, Colt McCoy did some fantabulous football-slinging in his college career... but he's no longer on the frickin' team.  Give Gilbert his dues by not expecting him to be Colt.  I don't think we ever even gave Colt that courtesy until he was given time to come into his own-- it seems a little deja vu right now: We went from a BCS championship game with Vince to having Colt take the reins the next season.  Let's let Gilbert be Gilbert.  He's not Colt & never will be.  If he spends his first season with a little more umph and a little less "he's no so-&-so" from our fan base, maybe Gilbert will be a better Gilbert than Colt was at his best.  Eh? 

c) Shipley's gone too (did you know him & Colt were roomates?!)

Ship's got his own problems.  Let's not add pep talks for the wide receivers taking his place to the list of T.O., Ochocinco (which happens to mean "zero" in English), and Pacman Jones.  Really.  We can't expect Williams, Goodwin & Kirkendoll to be the length-of-field punt returner or have ESP with our quarterback like the "honky rocket" -- as my Bama-loving big brother aptly named Shipley...  Let's give it a go THIS season with THIS depth chart.   

d) The Big XII Expansion/Screwupification

We gained the legitimate prospect of a Longhorn Network and proved that we are the core of the conference.  What else do you want?  Maybe it won't be this way forever, but let's drop the rifts of anxiety that caused.  It's over... ish.  But seriously, we only paid such close attention because it was almost like having college football back on the air in the real way.  All & all, we lost Nebraska & Colorado.  Damn.  

e) The Crabtree Catch

Tech is in it's own new era.  Let's forget the era in which they happened to beat us.  I'm sorry to rehash this imagery, but there's a lot that goes with it.  Maybe reviewing this catastrophe will let us release the lasting tension tied to the clusterfuckopatomus of a BCS title game race that happened because of it.  It's now a new season...  new targets in our sights... (deep, cleansing breaths-- as many as you may need)

f-inally) Your Call

Think of your own mind-purges that we need-- I think the more we as a team concentrate on what we should forget about, the easier it will be to mindfully and calmly let those aspects of the previous seasons go.  

I used to run track. One time, I ran a leg in the 1600m relay and we won it by almost 400m.  When I finished the 3rd leg having almost lapped a chick on the team trailing ours the least, I looked up for awesomeness & cheering, but my coach was beyond pissed.  I had looked back to see how far ahead I was, and she angrily reaffirmed that, "you never look back."  I've tried my best to not make the same mistake again, even without having been on a high school track in over... well, a bunch of years.

Just making an effort to clean the slate before we all gear up to have a hell of a time enjoying this season.  

Cheers... and of course, Hook 'Em.

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