UCLA - Quick Hits

  1. Glad deer season is just around the corner.....
  2. {Que Crickets} - there are no play makers on offense.
  3. We were in this game through 2 quarters.  Usually, when teams are down going into the half, coaches huddle and make adjustments.  Only we adjusted ourselves right out of the stadium.  What was almost perfect defensive execution in the first half turned all Mr. Hyde in the second.  We lost contain.  Our ends "bit hard" on what clearly were not their responsibility and they turned Prince into a king.  The defense is the better unit.  They had a responsibility to keep us in the game.  They failed.
  4. The game hinged on a lot of butthead plays, but I'll put my money on the 35-yard explosive run by Franklin on the opening drive of 3rd quarter and the offense's inability to convert the first UCLA turnover with Gilbert overthrowing wide-open Kirkendoll for a touchdown.  This despite the offside gift the Bruins handed us to repeat 3rd down.
  5. Penalties and turnovers.  Penalties and turnovers.  Penalties and turnovers.  Did I mention penalties and turnovers?
  6. There are no leaders on this team.  No one grabbing masks and motivating.  But the sad thing, at least offensively, is the guys don't want to gut it out for their brother in the next foxhole.
  7. Back to offense.  Honestly, we are a play here or there from being really good.  It's easy to say the coaches aren't coaching, but these are the same guys that have had success over the last several years.  To me, it really appears we are trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.  Our talent is not there for the scheme they are currently running.  But I'm not so sure there is a scheme for these guys.  There is absolutely no chemistry or cohesiveness with this bunch.
  8. Special Teams - outside of Justin Tucker and John Gold, we sucked today.  What a bonehead play by Curtis Brown. He done lost his mind.  And then, we sub AW to field punts and he forgets his job is to protect field position...not let the punts go over his head.
  9. By the way, losing sucks.

Does Mack now turn back the clock to the Arizona State - Holiday Bowl and open up all positions this week?  He needs to do something very drastic to "shock the pool" or we're going to be swimming in pee against OU.


8a.  By the way, and further to Curtis Brown, he is the guy that took himself out of

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