The Data (Mostly) explains why we want Davis fired

Hi Horns Fans,

Amidst the swirl of anger pouring out from me after the UCLA game, I wanted to pull some data to help me understand why I felt so strongly that Greg Davis should be fired, NOW!.  I consider myself to be a rational person for the most part, but I am quite irrational when it comes to my love for the Texas Longhorns and my love for winning every game, every season.

Before I replied to any more posts confirming that, "yes, I too want Davis fired", I wanted to be sure there was some rational data to support why I held such strong feelings.

Here is the data I pulled. The Wtd Average Ranking represents the weighted average rank of Total Offense & Defense (Yardage) and Total Scoring Offense and Defense (Points). I found this the fairest measure to evaluate our coaches. It is not perfect for many reasons, but it's a decent measure of coaching effectiveness.

Wtd Average Offensive Ranking Wtd Average Defensive Ranking Offense Under Pressure? Defense Under Pressure?
2010 73 18 Davis Yes Muschamp No
2009 16 8 Davis Somewhat Muschamp No
2008 7 35 Davis No Muschamp No
2007 14 49 Davis ? Akina/Duff Yes
2006 14 25 Davis ? Chizik No
2005 2 9 Davis No Chizik No
2004 10 21 Davis ? Robinson No
Average 19 23

source: through 9/25/10 (the UCLA game is included)


1) Obviously it's quite clear why I want Davis fired right now. His Wtd Offense ranking of 73 through 4 games is the lowest of any coach on offense or defense at UT in the past 7 years. Now, to be fair, Davis has several games left to right the ship, but I understand now why I'm pissed. The data supports my feelings...yippee!

2) The "hot seat" for a Texas coach in the eyes of fans is probably any rank over 25 for the defense and any rank over 10-13 for the offense (I couldn't quite recall our feelings toward Greg in each year...if you know...then post in the comments). While I hate to admit it, we appear to hold Greg Davis to a higher standard than our defensive coahces. Get used to it Greg, we're Texas, and we want to score lots of points.

We also prefer coaches who work from the sidelines during games, who demonstrate passion in their postgame interviews, coaches who preach accountability, and coaches who are generally charismatic. I don't doubt that all these factors contribute to our "pitch fork" mentality when it comes to Greg Davis. He just hasn't built a great rapport with the fan base and doesn't seem to care to.

3) We apparently gave Will Muschamp a pass from the "hot seat" in 2008 when his defense ranked 35th, presumably because he demonstrated substantial improvement over the Akina/Duff debacle in 2007. Not to mention, he has all the intangible qualities that fans love. Greg could learn a lot from Will on how to build rapport with the TX fans.

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