Circle The Wagons

Maybe this is the wrong week for the metaphorical title given our upcoming opponent, but I think we have, as a fanbase, laid out all the facts two ways from Tuesday.  We have stripped our woes down to the bone.  We have laid open the scabs.  The systemic weaknesses of the Brown-Davis attack have been analyzed over and over through the years.  We know it like the backs of our hands.  If not for a combination of top-drawer talent that has blessed the 40-acres for several seasons, we would be roaming the wilderness. 


It's time to put aside this ad nauseum.  Normally I would offer up a "hate week" meme.  Not now.  It's time to start getting our love on.

It's time to rally the troops.

I have no idea what the "hit" metrics are for this site, but I would guess is widely viewed by many, many, many Longhorn fans around the world on a daily basis.  There are Longhorn fans out of work.  There are Longhorn fans proudly serving and wearing the American flag on their uniforms.  There are Longhorn fans laid up in hospitals with some malady or other.  These people need to know we are not going to roll over and give up.

People, we have got to pull it together.

Don't we have a responsibility to the fanbase to show some leadership in support for our guys?

Damn straight we do.

Don't we need to promote coolness under pressure as opposed to running around like chicken little?

You bet.

Don't we owe this Longhorn football team our unwavering devotion?

Without question.

This is the time to stand up and be accountable as an in-the-trenches, die-hard, no-matter-what-we're-with-you supporter.

It is time to pull up the boot straps, strap on the toughness, and get ready for our biggest rival.

I say let's shelve the rhetoric and close ranks for the burnt orange family.  There are plenty of people out there loving our predicament.  Let's not invite more piling on.  And hey, you out there calling me out as a Pollyanna, that's your prerogative but please go somewhere else.  I'm sure there are several other posts and boards that welcome your negative BS.

Our team has to go back to work tomorrow.  These kids need to know there are folks out there who have their back no matter what.

And for all the students reading this, if you see a ball player this week make sure he knows how much you appreciate the effort he is making on behalf of your university and that you are with him thick or thin.  Remember, it's easy to love a winner.  Now is the time to step up and prove what kind of Longhorn devotees we truly are. 

NO MORE pity party.  Here's your invitation to post positive thoughts and encouragement.

What do you say burnt orange nation?

Horns Up and TEXAS FIGHT!

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