The tough yards.

For the first time in years, I've lost faith in our Jumbo Package. The only time I can remember it being stuffed since its inception after Colt's injury on a goal-line QB sneak against K-State, whose line we outweighed by 50 lbs per person, was on a 4th down try against Oklahoma last year when they put in their own Jumbo set against ours.

Rice stuffed us twice on the Jumbo. Rice. What does that mean? Are we not drilling it as hard as the other running sets? After the jump I break down all of the 3rd and shorts I could find.

All times are clock times from ESPN3 video, if you want to watch the attempts yourself:

31:30 - 3rd and inches ( Jumbo set, inside run. *FAIL* )

Hix runs right by ( after giving a half-hearted stiff arm to ) the man that stuffs Cody. Hix was on his way to God knows where

32:00 - 4th and inches ( Jumbo set, HB toss play. *FAIL* )

It looked like Norton ( #11 ) was playing in the jumbo, he kind of left Cody behind instead of slowing and catching the LB that ended up making the tackle. If it was Kirkendoll out there, also #11, then he looked big while leaving the RB behind. We should have 7 points, but instead turn the ball over on downs.

56:15 - 3rd and a yard ( 3 wide outs and a TE, man in motion inside hand off to Tre for TD. Success! )

Interesting that the first working short yardage play wasn't from our jumbo set.

1:16:00 - 3rd and 3 ( 2 wide outs and a Half-Back, GG under center, inside run. Success )

Bad refereeing takes us from 2nd and less than 1 to 2nd and 5. We run once to bring up 3rd down and 3. Again, we move away from the jumbo package and Tre picks up a big 3 on 3rd down.

1:52:15 - 3rd and 3 ( 3 wide outs, under center. Short pass. Success )

6 yard run and 1 yard run by Cody bring up 3rd down. GG completion to Kirk moves the chains. GG looks for Kirk long on the next play but Kirk isn't open.

2:01:45 - 3rd and 2 ( 2 wide outs, 2 TE, GG under center, Ace? - *FAIL* ) 

No hole opens up, Tre is hit at the LOS. Now that's the running game we all remember. First Texas punt.

2:20:00 3rd and 3 ( 2 wide outs and a Half-Back. GG under center. inside run. Success. )

After failing on the last 3rd and short, we go back to one of the plays that worked. It worked again, breaking a streak of 3 failed 3rd down attempts ( one short, two long ).

2:25:00 1st and goal on the 3. ( 2 wide outs and a half-back, same as the previous short yardage attempt. Gain of 2 and a half. - *FAIL* )

Almost made it in, but Tre is stood up at the goal line.

2:25:40 2nd and goal inside the 1. ( Same formation as before, same play. TD. Success )

Well, the last attempt got two and a half, and we need less than that. Let's run it again. TD.

I got the impression that we had been drilling our standard running game more than our Jumbo set, because after its initial two failures, Davis reverted to running standard running plays on short yardage. While seemingly working better, we still failed 1 time for every three attempts when Rice was expecting the run. Depending on how you look at it, it could be good or bad. 66% success on third down? Not bad, I think. But against Rice on obvious run downs, I think the Longhorns may have their goals set higher. 

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