2012 class and scholarship limits...UPDATED

Texas ended the year with 85 on scholarship (including Sherrod Harris) and will lose 14 Seniors plus Aaron Williams to the NFL Draft.  While some scholarships were awarded to Marquise Goodwin (had track scholly) and John Gold (PK), and I don't know the full details on those, the numbers still seem wrong.   Basically I just don't understand how we are able to offer 23-25 scholarships this year?  By my calculations we are only losing 14 Seniors (including Sherrod but not Blaine Irby or Tray Allen) and Aaron Williams to the draft, so shouldn't it be around 15 not 23?  Am I missing something....I'm just not sure where they are able to take their 23 verbal commits plus they also have 2 other offers standing with out pulling scholarship like Alabama me understand this please if you can.

update: many of you pointed out that while I mentioned Gold I forgot to eliminate his scholarship, and that Tre Newton's medical situation frees up another spot.  So by my count, we're losing 15 Seniors, Aaron Williams to the NFL, and Tre Newton to medical, that still only adds up to 17 where did the other 6-8 come from/go?

update 2: apparently we lost Tariq Allen, Tevin Mims, Tyrell Higgins for person reasons (grades/family problems/ect)  SO the count is now 17 Seniors, 1 to NFL, and 4 others (including Newton) which equals 20 scholarships, still looking for 2 (since Westerman's out) but could get 2 more to go to 24, but I feel a lot better now thanks for those of you who contributed.

Final Anaylsis

Texas began the season with 85 but then Sherrod Harris left for family reasons and his scholarship was awarded to the walk-on SR punter John Gold which kept us at 85, and then UT lost SR RB Vondrell McGee to grades which left UT at 84 for the year.  After the season Texas lost 15 Seniors (including Gold), 1 Junior to the NFL, 1 to Medical (too many concussions), and 3 more for personal reasons (grades, legal, or family issues). So by my count the Texas scholarship budget is 84-15-1-1-3=64-85=-21

Currently Texas has 22 verbal commits and still 2 outstanding offers, but only a budget of 21. Same thing happened last year, we were over by 2 until Carter and Wells and transferred, I assume another 1 or 2 players will do the same this year.  Once again thanks for all who contributed, over by 1 isn't that big of a deal, check out and see how many of the SEC are over from 5 to 14 scholarships.

These links are almost all correct one simply removed all the non-Seniors who left (which makes if difficult to calculate) and the other still has old info and doesn’t include Gold’s awarded scholarship or the players who have left, and neither have updated the latest departure of Tariq Allen.


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