Future Prognostication of 2012 Recruiting Needs

Howdy folks! I got bored and decided to take a look at what the team may look like before the beginning of the 2012 season.  I've broken down the players by presumed class and position by the end of next season.  Taking a look at the data broken down a bit leads me to be very excited for the 2012 season, but also to worry some (we will only have one man on scholarship to kickoff, place kick, and punt!).  

No doubt I have made some errors, and I have had to use my own opinions and presumptions to complete the prognostications.  Please help me with insight into what you believe needs some revision.

UT Roster 2012 Pre-Recruiting Class (I am guessing on some eventual player positions and redshirts)


QB: Garret Gilbert Sr., Case McCoy Jr. Connor Wood So., David Ash Fr.


RB: Jeremy Hills Sr., D.J. Monroe Sr., Chris Whaley Jr., Traylon Shead So., Malcolm Brown So., Joe Bergeron So.


FB: Jamison Berryhill Sr., Ryan Roberson Sr., Joe Bergeron So.


WR: DeSean Hales Sr., Marquise Goodwin Sr.,  Brock Fitzhenry Sr., Greg Timmons Jr., Mike Davis Jr., Darius White Jr., Chris Jones So., Jaxon Shipley So., John Harris So., Miles Oyengbule Fr.


TE: D.J. Grant Sr., Barrett Mathews Sr., Trey Graham Jr., Dominque Jones Jr., Darius Terrell So., M.J. McFarland So.


OT: Luke Poehlmann Sr.,  Paden Kelley Jr., Garret Porter Jr., Kyle Kriegel Jr., Garrett Greanlea Fr./So., Josh Cochran Fr., Taylor Doyle Fr.,


G/C: Mark Buchanan Sr., Mason Walters Jr., Thomas Ashcraft Jr.,Trey Hopkins So., Dominic Espinosa So.,  Sedrick Flowers Fr./So., Marcus Hutchins Fr.

CB: A.J. White Jr., Adrian Phillips Jr., Eryon Barnett Jr., Carrington Byndom Jr., Bryant Jackson So., Josh Turner So., Leroy Scott Fr.


S/NB: Kenny  Vacaro Sr., Demarco Cobbs Jr., Mykkele Thompson So., Quandre Diggs So., Sheroid  Evans Fr.


LB: Tariq Allen Jr., Jordan Hicks Jr., Patrick Nkwopara Jr., Aaron Benson So., Steve Edmond So., Tevin Jackson (hopefully), So., Kendall Thompson Fr., Chet Moss Fr.


DE: Dravannti Johnson Sr., Alex Okafor Sr., Reggie Wilson Jr., Jackson Jeffcoat Jr., Cedric Reed Fr.


DT: Ashton Dorsey Jr., Calvin Howell Jr., Taylor Bible So., De’Aires Cotton So., Greg Daniels So.,  Desmond Jackson Fr., Quincy Russell Fr.


K/P: William Russ So.


Preferred Approximate Composition of a Football Team by Scholarship Numbers:

QB: 4                     RB: 6                      FB: 2                      WR: 10                  TE: 5                       OT: 7                      G/C: 9

CB: 8                      S/NB: 7                 LB: 8                       DE: 8                      DT: 9                      K/P: 2

Active Per-Game:

 QB: 1                     RB: 2-3                  FB: 1                      WR: 3-4                                TE: 2                       OT: 2       CB:2-3 S/NB: 2-3              LB: 3                       DE: 3-4                  DT: 3-4                                K/P: 1-2       G/C: 3


Ratio of Active Per-Game/Preferred Number of Scholarship Players

QB: .25                  RB: .33                  FB: .50                   WR: .40-.30         TE: .4                     OT: .29                 

CB: .38-.25           S/NB: .43-.29      LB: .38                   DE: .50-.38           DT: .44-.33           K/P: 1.0-.50        

G/C: .33                DB: .40-.27          OL: .31                  DL: .43-.24



Need to focus on recruiting: DE, C/G, DB’s, K/P

2012 Needs:

QB: 1, RB: 2, FB: 0-1, WR: 2, TE: 1, OT: 2-3, G/C: 3, CB: 2-3, S: 2, LB: 2, DE: 3-4, DT: 2 K/P: 1

23-25 Recruits Needed for 2012

Final Estimated Breakdown:

OL: 5                      WR/TE: 3                              QB: 1

DL: 5                      RB/FB: 2-3                           K/P: 1

DB: 4-5                  LB: 2

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