Taking Stock - 2011 Texas Football: "No More Mack the Nice?"

Several regional and national sports writers are weighing in on Mack Brown's mea culpa press conference.  The focus of so many center around this statement:

I do know that I felt like I had a hangover after the national championship game, and I don't know if I've ever taken a loss as hard. I think part of it was Colt [McCoy], part of it was it's just too hard to get there. We just barely missed in 2008. We just barely missed in 2009, and I don't think I did a good job of coming back out of it and getting a spark and getting the energy back to where I needed it to be and I didn't realize it. I just pouted for a while, and when you're pouting at 13-1 that's pretty stupid..

There were many other cursory anecdotes Coach Brown opined, as pointed out in my earlier dissection, revealing his profound theta revelations.

Jimmy Burch of the Star-Telegram opined in his column yesterday that Mack Brown will need to become more of a disciplinarian and task master to turn the corner.  He even stated that Coach Brown will need to become more like Bob Stoops for pete's sake. 

I say give me a break.  What Jimmy Burch misses is that unlike Stoops, Coach Brown is not a micro-manager.  More of a delegator.  Does Mack Brown need to change?  He has stated as much:

You got to make sure that you keep your foot on the pedal all the time. I think at one point that I must have thought that because we're Texas and we've won so much, we're just going to win. On bad years we'll win 10. On good years we got a chance to win it all. You can't think that. You have got to make sure that every day you get up there better be a goal to be set, and you better be moving forward to make [sure] that goal is the right one.

We have debated ad nauseum in this community the give and take of conference titles with a Stoops type coach versus the mega-universe brand of Texas Football with a Brown type coach.  I recognize that there exists in any fanbase a yearning to win at all costs.  Personally, I would rather do it with a Brown type coach.  Sure, that's low hanging fruit because he is our coach.  But give it to me anyway.

To truly get at the basis for the transformation, read Dagga Roosta's perfectly positioned thoughts on Mack Brown's leadership style (Part I & Part II).  His contrasting Stoops' and Brown's styles are worth the study and help to shape the conversation moving forward.

No, I have to respectfully disagree with Burch.  Coach Brown doesn't have to change his core personality.  He just needs to get hungry again.  And by everything we have seen and heard this offseason, I don't think that's a problem.

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