Is Durron Neal OU Commitment An Omen For What's Ahead?


OU just snagged the commitment of WR Durron Neal, ranked nationally by Rivals at #32.  He is also ranked as the #6 WR on Scout and the #4 WR on Rivals. 

I'm not freaking out since we beat the Sooners out of the commitments of highly regarded WR Cayleb Jones and Thomas Johnson, so it isn't the head to head match up that is bothering me.  We clearly have a great 2012 recruiting class with a dynamic leader in QB Connor Brewer and stud RB Johnathan Gray.  We are doing great and will clearly have a top 5 class again this year.

But, here is my concern.  Neal is from St. Louis, MO and he just committed to OU.  Rumor is that top QB Gunner Kiel was visiting Norman this week too.  WR Dorial Green-Beckham ("DGB") is the #1 ranked player in the country and it just so happens this top WR is also from Missouri, and he was just in Norman for a visit last week that apparently went very well. 

I hate to say it, but the likelihood of a Sooner trifecta with Kiel, DGB and Neal is looking like a real possibility.  

The Sooners have been "all in" on QB Kiel and haven't shown any real interest in a Plan B.  Kiel has to know that he is their man, and let's face it, Sam Bradford is pretty good evidence that the Sooners can put a QB in the NFL. The competition for Kiel's services seem to be Notre Dame, Alabama, Mizzou and Michigan. Kiel is from Indiana.  Kiel to OU is looking like the logical choice.

We do have a connection to DGB and I would love to see him in burnt orange. But, if not in orange, I sure don't want him in crimson. I have been hoping that Mizzou would land him and Kiel, but that is looking less likely with the #2 player in the show-me-state now picking OU over Mizzou.  Some rumors have Pinkel as a candidate for the vacant tOSU HC spot, which certainly can't help their recruiting. 

Could it be that Neal committed today because DGB did not commit last week and he likes his chances of getting on the field without the competition of DGB?  I'm afraid that is wishful thinking.  But, it very well could be a sign that 5 star 2011 WR Trey Metoyer is not going to be appearing in crimson anytime soon. Rumor on Metoyer is that he didn't qualify and isn't likely to qualify, which would explain the opening of another WR spot for the land thieves.

The Aggies also have a heck of a 2012 class put together so far with not one, but two top rated QBs, and star RB Trey Williams.  Tech beat us out for super stud OL Michael Starts.  I'm already having more fun with the Cornhuskers out of our conference.

I don't know where these recruits/commits will actually sign next year, but I do know that Big XII-II football is going to be some really good stuff in the coming years. 

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