OK News Barry Trammel-conference realignment Sooner style

LINK to OU News Q&A with Barry Trammel and Sooner fans

Great article from Barry Trammel where he fields questions from Sooner fans and answers them with pretty solid, logical responses.  It is presented in 54b's style which is good stuff imo. 

Here's a sample with my edits.  I hate this 75 word thing and I don't want to plagarize but I don't have all day to edit and stuff, so sorry if this isn't 100% kosher, but anyway:

1. If Texas is so great for a conference, how is it possible that they have been a part of two failed conferences?

OU and UT are like Reese’s; two great tastes that go great together.

2. Texas wants to act like an independent but have the benefits of a conference as well. See the Longhorn Network.

No kidding. Which is why Texas isn’t interested in independence.

Other questions summary regarding the whole OU/aggie not being Texas rich:

OU is not a loser at all. OU has been and remains a big winner. OU wanted its own network, too (heck, so did Nebraska a few years ago), and the only real difference now is all the money and power Texas has reaped from ESPN. There was talk that UT might get $3-5 million a year from its own network, while OU might get $2-3 million. All of a sudden, Texas gets $15 million a year. But the problem is, Texas always had more money than everybody else, so I don’t know what the big deal. The real issue here is ESPN power. Me (His grammar as a professional journalist, not my grammar) and a lot of other people have talked about standing up to Texas, but maybe we’ve focused on the wrong thing. It’s time to stand up to ESPN. As for Nebraska being the same quality and caliber of program, sorry. That’s not so.

5. OU needs to act like a free agent

OU has acted like a free agent. It checked out the Pac-10 last year and decided to stick here. The Big Ten has never shown any real interest in Oklahoma. The Sooners want no part of the SEC, and while yes, part of that is the tougher environment, the bigger part of that also is the recruiting culture. I know it seems silly to say a program with the sordid NCAA history of the Sooners is trying to take the high road, but that’s exactly what OU has tried to do. And going to the SEC, where even its commissioner, Mike Slive, is apologizing for the lawless streets he’s trying to patrol, would be very frustrating for the Sooners.


Don’t do what’s worse for Texas. Do what’s best for Oklahoma. Sure, Texas would be hurt by OU and A&M in the SEC. Guess who else would be hurt? OU and A&M. Our prisons are full of men who thought this way.

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