Bevo's Daily Roundup wishes the Aggies a fond farewell

Updated 7:15PM
We are counting down the hours until A&M bolts for the Redneck Conference.
I'll post stories relating to their imminent departure every couple of hours.


Horns_bullet_medium 11:45 AM

Here we go again. [Sports Illustrated]

Now, wouldn't that be entertaining? SEC meeting to discuss admitting the Aggies to the conference. [NY Times]

The official said there was a 30 to 40 percent chance that the presidents could vote against Texas A&M’s membership. He also said there was the issue of which university would become the 14th team, something many in college sports will monitor.

What on earth will they do with their fight song? [Houston Chronicle]

The Aggie War Hymn is nearly a century old, but the lyrics "Goodbye to Texas University, so long to the orange and the white" today resonate more timely than ever.

The SEC doesn't want to be the bad guy. [ESPN]

The official told The Times that Texas A&M president R. Bowen Loftin called SEC commissioner Mike Slive three weeks ago and said the Aggies regretted not leaving the Big 12 for the SEC last summer. A week later, Slive and SEC lawyers met with A&M officials, when the league requested that the school work out the possible legal ramifications surrounding its contract with the Big 12, the report said.

"They have a contract now," the SEC official said, according to The Times. "We're very sensitive about being part of breaking a contract. What we asked them to do was to go settle their issues and not have us be on the table as the agent of causing them to leave."

The only thing consistent in college football is anarchy. [NY Times]

No one is in charge.

For all the billions of dollars, millions of fans and boundless passion that surround college football, that has always been its glaring and bizarre flaw. No one is looking out for the greater good of the game. No one is guiding the sport toward long-term prosperity and short-term sensibility. No one is building consensus and channeling all of the ratings, financial success and popularity toward an outcome that is positive for everyone in the sport.

Nothing gets past the Aggies. [Houston Chronicle]

First of all, Texas A&M has to go this time. Whether it's a smart move is another conversation. Credibility is an even bigger issue.

For the second time in about 14 months, the Aggies are holding their breath, stomping their feet and threatening to take their toys and bolt for the Southeastern Conference.

They've apparently discovered the Longhorn Network will be one long University of Texas infomercial, and you just can't get anything past the Aggies anymore.

In case you think you will miss the Aggies...

You can't be slow in the SEC, Mike. []

"You always want (practice) to be a little crisper and sharper," Sherman said. "I thought we were a little sluggish in the first half of practice today. We had the morning meetings and then went (to the Coolidge Grass Practice Fields). It was pretty warm this morning so I think they were thinking a little bit about that. I talked to them at the half and they certainly picked it up after that. You can’t have too many of those, but they’re understandable and as long as they respond when you tell them ‘we have to pick this up’ then I think you have a bunch of guys that will listen, which is a good thing."

Sherman is only thinking of SMU right now. [Houston Chronicle]

Texas always comes out smelling like a rose. [AAS]

"They’ve got to do what’s best for them," Dodds said of the Aggies. "We’re going to look at every option we’ve got, and we’re going to end up in a good place. That’s what we do. We’re good at that."

This sums it up. [AAS]

"I don't think A&M has thought through this thing with all its long-term ramifications," said the administrator, who was heavily involved in last year's negotiations that kept the Big 12 relatively intact. "I think they let their anger make this decision.

"In the Big 12, they're one of the three big dogs. I don't see them in the top three in the SEC. If anything, I think they'd be in the bottom three."

All those darn rumors on the interwebs. [Sports Illustrated]

Whether or not Texas A&M ultimately joins the SEC, the scenario I once scoffed at is suddenly becoming very real. It could perhaps be finalized as soon as Monday, when A&M regents will be meeting. Though if we learned anything from last summer's realignment madness, it's that this stuff rarely plays out exactly as first reported.

Bye Aggies...Enjoy being Nick Saban's doormat. Everyone sing along.


Horns_bullet_medium 12:50 PM

Commish Beebe got that right. [Tulsa World]

In case you care. The head Land Thief has some thoughts about the Aggies. [Tulsa World]

It seems everyone thinks little brother has left the building. [Tulsa World]

"We are in contact on a constant basis with our conference office and the other athletic directors in the Big 12 Conference," Kansas AD Sheahon Zenger told the Kansas City Star, "and have been assured that the nine schools are firmly committed to the Big 12."

As of Friday, MIssouri was still committed to the Big 12-2. [Kansas City Star]

"Missouri is committed to the Big 12," Tigers athletic director Mike Alden said in a statement.

More schools may be bolting to the SEC. [ESPN]


The Aggies aren't exactly taking the Houston market to the SEC. [Kansas City Star]

Fox wouldn’t like losing A&M, but it’s not as though the Aggies would be taking a market with them. Cable companies in Houston would have plenty of eyeballs following Texas and the rest of the conference.


Horns_bullet_medium 2:40 PM

Some cold water on all those expansion plans. [Roll Bama Roll]

In other words, despite all of the high talk continuing for a second consecutive year that SEC expansion is an inevitability, in reality expansion remains a very tricky subject to negotiate and one that has pitfills everywhere and significant opposition all but certain to arise. Maybe expansion comes to fruition at some point, but there is a very good chance that it doesn't and all of the hot air arising between now and then should be taken with a massive grain of salt until we definitively find out otherwise.

We really don't need the Aggies. [San Antonio Express-News]

Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe has told Texas A&M that Texas holds the key to the long-term future of the Big 12, and that the Big 12 would survive without the Aggies, according to an A&M official.

All this is going down with Bill Byrne out of town. [San Antonio Express-News]

Aggies athletic director Bill Byrne is overseas with the A&M men's basketball team and couldn't be reached for comment.

Byrne seems to leave town at most inopportune moment, just like 2010. [Texas Rivals]

BYU has not been contacted about joining the Big 12-2. [Salt Lake Tribune]


Horns_bullet_medium 3:25 PM

Bigger is not always better.

We're being super-sized! [Sporting News]

This is what happens when you give little brother some crayons. [I Am The 12th Man]

The powers-that-be may not be too thrilled at the Aggies insurrection. [AAS]

But Rep. Dan Branch, R-Dallas, who is also a top lieutenant to House Speaker Joe Straus, told the American-Statesman that he didn’t think that would happen.

"It’s my understanding, based upon conversations with A&M officials, that the A&M Board of Regents is meeting to consider an agenda item to authorize the president to enter into negotiations with the SEC, assuming the SEC extends an offer to A&M to join the conference," Branch said.

"It is not my understanding that they are meeting to complete or accept an offer to the SEC if one’s extended. To finalize such an action before giving legislators a chance to ask some questions would be inappropriate, highly inappropriate."

Everyone say whoop. A new holiday! [Barking Carnival]

Yes, thank you.  For Texas A&M will have delivered unto the University of Texas the single thing it could not attain entirely on its own: the unfettered freedom to exploit the marketplace solely for the benefit of its own self-interest. This, of course, is all that UT has ever really wanted.  The only impediment to its realization was the familial obligations and big-brother responsibilities imposed by the realities of politics.  Texas couldn’t lay scalpel to that cord.  But if A&M were to do so, then well, I guess we’ll help them pack.  We cannot in good conscience stand between a starving neighbor and the pursuit of his manna from heaven.  If there were ever two communities more destined for a loving embrace than College Station and Starkville, Mississippi, then I surely don’t know who they are.

Off topic...Lane Kiffin enjoying his dream job. [Football Scoop]


Horns_bullet_medium 7:00 PM


They are fleeing the state. [ESPN]

I posted this link in the comments but here it is again. Our question has been answered...Sooners are indeed smarter than Aggies.  [NewsOK]

The SEC? Really a last-resort option for the Sooners. At least that's how the leadership sees it, according to sources. OU would petition the Big Ten, hat in hand, before joining the SEC.

Which is why they're not looking at the SEC. The reasons are twofold: culture and academics. OU leaders want no part of the SEC's cutthroat football recruiting culture, which has led to recent scandal. And OU leaders are enticed by the academic reputation of the Pac-12, which the SEC can't match.

Would Missouri's departure doom the conference? [NewsOK]

What are the best options for OU and OSU? [NewsOK]

Okahoma City Reporter Carson Cunningham knows Aggies. [Twitter@CrasonC5]

It all boils down to this: [NewsOK]

I have just one question for Texas A&M: do you like winning or losing?

Everyone's favorite Aggie QB weighs in on the talk. [Dallas Morning News]


Horns_bullet_medium 7:15 PM

They asked the Aggies to stay. [Texas Rivals]

The Big 12 athletic directors - minus Texas A&M - pledged their commitment to a nine-member conference during a call Saturday afternoon if the Aggies were to bolt for the Southeastern Conference.

But the Big 12 ADs are reaching out to A&M to stay in the Big 12.

The ADs decided if A&M left and the league was to expand, it would be by only one school, sources said.

Even Deloss Dodds will miss the Aggies. [NBC Sports]

Check back throughout the next few days for updated stories.

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