Texas Soccer looks strong again in close game at #5 Florida State last night

Texas went up against #5 Florida State last night in Tallahassee and came away with a strong showing. The Horns went down 2-1 to the Seminoles in their final game of the preseason but played the 'Noles hard and kept the game close throughout. FSU’s winning goal came in the final nine minutes of the game.

Starting for the Horns last night was the same lineup which started against TCU last Wednesday, with Ava Vogel in goal. (Click to see starting lineup.)

Seminoles midfielder Tori Huster put in the first goal of the night off of a corner kick at 24 minutes into the game, scoring the only goal of the first half. Huster was the ‘Noles second highest scorer last year behind Janice Cayman. This first goal came with both Jessica Price and Janice Cayman not on the field yet, giving a bit of an idea of the depth the Seminoles have this year. Price was the first Seminoles sub at 31 minutes in.

But the Horns, too, showed significant depth. Three Horns starters, Kylie Doniak, Lucy Keith, and Kristin Cummins played only a little over half the game in a strong performance overall, and other than goalkeeper, Ava Vogel, only freshman right back Julie Arnold played the entire game. (In the substitution department, it’s worth noting that the eventual game winning goal for the Seminoles came after they stacked their front lines with firepower off the bench in the second half while we eased off on our defensive strength by subbing out veteran defender Lucy Keith to allow more time for other players. This is what bolsters my confidence to say we played strong against a top 5 team in FSU. Of course if I’m reading the stat sheets wrong, I guess I’ll just have to eat this later, but I do think I have the sub situation right. Also note, there are unlimited subs in the preseason.)

The first half ended with the score 1-0 for the Seminoles.

With the Seminoles stepping up their offensive firepower in the second half, the Horns held their own and mounted their own attacks.

At eighteen minutes into the second half, Taylor Knaack knocked a thru ball between FSU defenders and a sprinting Hannah Higgins collected it to gain one on one access to the Seminole goalkeeper. Higgins fired from 16 yards out into the left side of the net, tying the game at 1-1 with 27 minutes to play.

After a further seventeen minutes of back and forth play, the tie-breaking goal came with 9:22 left in the game. Kristin Grubka for the Seminoles served up a cross which was deflected away by Horns goalkeeper, Ava Vogel. However, last year’s top scorer for the Seminoles, Janice Cayman, was in a position to control the deflected ball. She shot on goal and scored for FSU’s second and final goal of the night.


By the numbers:

FSU played a strong attacking game, as we would expect from a highly ranked team loaded upfront. They had 9 shots on goal to Texas’ 3 shots. Time of possession is unknown, but we’re assuming it was in Florida State’s favor. Florida State also took a whopping 21 shots overall, but with only 9 of those shots being on goal. Texas had 11 shots overall, 3 of which were on goal.

Of the 21 total shots by FSU, 7 were in the first half and 14 came in the second half. Of the total of 9 shots on goal by FSU, 7 of those were taken in the second half.

Texas goalkeeper, Ava Vogel, made 7 saves overall, stopping all but two of the nine shots she faced. FSU goalkeeper, Kelsey Wys, faced only 3 shots on goal and stopped two of them.

FSU committed 14 fouls to Texas’ 6, and FSU was offsides 5 times to Texas’ 2.

Horn’s striker Kylie Doniak had the most overall shots for Texas, taking 4 shots with 1 on goal. Taylor Knaack took 1 shot, with it being on goal, and had an assist, setting up Hannah Higgins’ goal in the second half.

Hannah Higgins had 1 shot and it was the one that scored.

Texas’ other shots in the game were taken by Nina Frausing Pedersen, Kristin Cummins, Amanda Lisberger, Vanessa Ibewuike, and freshman Allison Smith, all with one shot each.


Two interesting freshman notes for FSU: (for those of us who follow NCAA Div I Women's Soccer)

- FSU freshman midefielder, Marta Bakowska-Mathews, took a total of 4 shots, coming off the bench to play 40 minutes. She tied FSU veteran Tori Huster for most shots in the game. Perhaps an up and coming aggressive attacker for the ‘Noles.

- Hikaru Murakami, also a freshman midfielder for the Seminoles, took 3 shots in her 65 minutes on the pitch. Murakami is unique in that she’s one of only 2 Japanese nationals playing in Women’s NCAA Div I Soccer* (the other being Saeko Nagano for the University of Hawaii.) YouTube highlight video of Murakami playing in her native Japan.

[* NCAA Division I International Player Database courtesy of AWK.]


Next up for Texas Soccer:  Loyola Marymount at home in Austin, Friday, August 19th, 7:00 pm, Mike Myers Stadium

• Will Alexa Gaul be in goal on Friday?
• What is the status of freshman midfielder Clarissa Wedemeyer?


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