Sooners having a Bad, Bad Day

Ronnel Lewis and Trey Metoyer Updates

Well, the Sooners started off the day with some good news. They banned me from their site. Wow, a Longhorn fanatic banned from an OU site, I sure didn't see that one coming.  ;-)  They really don't like it if you don't praise Bob Stoops and all things Sooners. I had clearly overstayed my welcome when I asked them to apologize to Mack Brown for calling him arrogant because he didn't offer Trey Metoyer (more on him in a second). That very small and close knit group just doesn't take kindly to differing opinions on whether or not Texas is arrogant for not offering grade risk kids that we do not beleive can stay enrolled. Of course, they have no problem bashing a Texas kid like Q. Russell that didn't make it and they still aren't over those stinging losses to VY.  They love to discuss his Wunderlich score as if that matters on the scoreboard. Anyway, their good news of kicking this Longhorn  to the curb isn't enough to make today worthy of celebration.

Ronnell "The Hammer" Lewis:  His academic status had been in the air since summer school ended several weeks ago. Today, Big Game Bob announced that Lewis is not practicing with the team due to personal reasons. BGB did not take questions and he is clearly "not happy."  He must not know about my ban. 

You should note, LB Travis Lewis is already out with a broken bone in his foot, so this is another kick to the nuts for the Sooners already damaged defense.

Trey Metoyer:  First off-I am never happy about a kid not qualifying for college.  I would like to see every high school kid in the nation attend college, so this is not something I take joy in posting. But, OU sites have posted that the jewel of their recruiting class, Five Star WR Trey Metoyer, did not pass his class or get the grades needed to enroll at OU. Apparently he failed a class in summer school and is not even eligible to remain at Tyler Junior College.  Again, let's not bash these kids that tried to pass their classes. 

OU also hasn't been able to get 2011 commits Jordan Wade or Jordan Phillips through the NCAA clearinghouse and onto campus yet either. Both are DTs and Phillips was a 5 star kid and Wade a 4 star. 

So, I know we Longhorns are disappointed that M. Wlliams, Q. Russell, and others may not be back on our roster, but at least we know we aren't alone. 

This was definitely a good day for a banning.

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